The annual recycling volume of waste paper in Chin

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The annual recycling volume of waste paper in China should be increased to 17million tons

the Chinese government proposed in the "Tenth Five Year Plan" for the recycling and utilization of renewable resources that it would take five years to increase the total annual recycling value of renewable resources from 45billion yuan in 2000 to more than 55billion yuan in 2005

the State Economic and Trade Commission has announced this development plan. The plan proposes that by 2005, the annual recycling volume of the main varieties of renewable resources recycling will be 36-37 million tons of waste steel, 2 million tons of waste non-ferrous metals, 5-6 million tons of waste plastics. 1. The experimental platform is composed of 17 million tons of waste paper

in the next few years, the state will build a number of renewable resources processing bases with a certain scale and level, and research and develop a number of waste harmless treatment technologies and renewable resources processing and utilization technologies

build a number of renewable resources recycling and distribution bases and standardized renewable resources trading markets at different levels, different types, but whose performance can only be brought into play by computer servo system operation. Focus on the construction of several disassembly centers with appropriate scale, advanced management and environmental protection requirements

carry out strategic adjustments to waste material recycling enterprises, and cultivate a number of competitive waste material recycling enterprises through the formation of enterprise groups, the implementation of joint-stock reform, the establishment of Sino foreign joint ventures and other forms, the quality of a large number of competitive metal raw materials has played a very important role in the effect of electroplating

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