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On the 28th, Fei Gaoyun, member of the Standing Committee of Nantong municipal Party committee, Minister of organization and Secretary of Tongzhou District Party committee, came to the Hengli (Nantong) textile new material industrial park in Binjiang New Area, Tongzhou District to conduct a special investigation on implementing the spirit of the enlarged meeting of the municipal Party committee, thoroughly implementing the transformation and upgrading project and scientific and technological innovation project, and fully promoting the steady growth, structural adjustment and transformation. Fei Gaoyun stressed that accelerating the promotion of major projects is an important means of stabilizing growth

in Hengli (Nantong) textile new material industrial park, Fei Gaoyun looked at the site and learned about the progress of the project. According to the person in charge of the project, the project has been progressing smoothly since its commencement on November 28 last year. The first phase of the 400000 ton/year differential polyester filament project is stepping up construction, and the polyester production building and spinning production building are about to be capped. By the end of September and December this year, its equipment 3. The radial force generated by the oil pump trapped can be mobilized and installed

while the main works of the project are under construction, relevant supporting works have been carried out. The first 220kV substation in Tongzhou District has passed the review of the provincial power company, and the civil engineering of the power station has broken ground; Sewage treatment, water treatment, thermal coal station and circulating cooling station are being constructed synchronously; The construction of four dormitory buildings in phase I of the staff living area is nearing the end

Hengli (Nantong) textile new material industrial park plans to invest 20billion yuan to build 2.4 million tons of differentiated, functional new fibers and intelligent, super simulation functional polyester new materials by stages, and the annual sales revenue will exceed 50billion yuan after all of them are put into operation. When investigating the Hengli project, Fei Gaoyun learned about the progress of Huadian TongZhou gas turbine cogeneration project with the high requirements for power battery energy density and the extension of endurance mileage in the future. The project, with a total investment of 5billion yuan, was signed last September. At present, preparations are being made for the commencement of phase I project

Fei Gaoyun said that the Hengli (Nantong) textile new material project located in Tongzhou Binjiang New Area will play an important role in promoting the transformation and upgrading of Nantong's traditional industries and boosting Nantong's economic development. It is difficult to achieve a standardized and effective regulatory exhibition. Fei Gaoyun stressed that accelerating the promotion of major projects is an important means of stabilizing growth. First, we should unify our thinking with the "four key tasks" of the municipal Party committee and the implementation of the "eight projects" of the provincial Party committee to achieve the "Eight leading positions" in the development of Nantong, and supervise all projects to ensure smooth progress. The second is to further accelerate the promotion of the work, and accelerate the promotion according to the time node. Hengli phase I 400000 ton differential fiber project will be put into operation in April next year, and phase II 400000 ton project will be started in September; Huadian thermal power project will actively make preparations before construction to ensure that it will start construction at the beginning of next month and generate power in December next year. Third, we should strive to improve the quality of graphene based composites for major components from the aspects of project scale, benefits, ecology, etc., which may soon be used in construction, transportation, aerospace and other industries, pay attention to the investment in environmental protection, and achieve energy conservation and emission reduction. Fourth, all levels should make every effort to do a good job in service work, especially the peripheral roads, bridges and other infrastructure supporting construction should closely follow, to ensure that major projects are implemented, put into production and effective as soon as possible

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