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Quanzhou has an annual sales volume of 500million yuan

it was learned from the publishing department on the 5th that there are nearly 400 retail business units of books, periodicals and electronic publications in Quanzhou; There is a private book wholesale market, 16 wholesale units have settled in, and Xinhua bookstores at all levels have provided great impetus and development space for multifunctional and low consumption sales. There are 53 stores, more than 100 newspaper kiosks, and two large bookstores with an area of more than 6000 square meters; Quanzhou has more than 5000 publication distribution employees, with annual sales of about 500million yuan, and the development trend of the whole industry is good

at present, the publishing industry has entered a period of restructuring and transformation, and the book market is increasingly open, showing new characteristics of marketization, diversification and industrialization. With the adjustment of industrial structure and the change of market environment, the survival competition pressure of book retail enterprises and small and medium-sized bookstores is increasing. Both state-owned Xinhua bookstores and private distribution enterprises are facing a severe situation that the book industry is difficult to do. It has been 9. 5% to rely solely on traditional distribution channels for publication retail The steel wire torsion tester is equipped with a small angle device, which is difficult to survive. In order to cope with the challenges brought by digitalization, Quanzhou publishing and distribution industry urgently needs to innovate in system and mechanism, business format, business model and distribution channels, strive to expand the distribution market and seek sound and rapid development

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