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Traditional technology upgrading and electrification layout go hand in hand, and the transformation of auto parts enterprises accelerates.

like many mainstream auto parts suppliers, Dena also advocates to make efforts in the above two aspects at the same time, and increase the development and promotion of electrification products on the basis of maintaining the advantages of traditional pendulum falling back quickly. Benefiting from the boost of terminal market demand and the development of new businesses, Dena has achieved particularly impressive performance in recent years. It is understood that Dena raised its financial targets twice in 2017, and the final annual sales increased by 24% over the previous year. From the performance of the first and second quarters of 2018, the development momentum of Dena is still strong. According to the official data of Dena, its sales in the first quarter of 2018 reached US $2.14 billion, an increase of 26% over the same period in 2017; In the second quarter of 2018, its sales reached US $2.1 billion, an increase of 12% over the same period in 2017

then, how does Dena, which is marked with such excellent performance, balance traditional business and electrification layout? In these two areas, Dena has done 11 What kind of layout can the experimental report language be converted from Chinese to English? What new progress has been made? At the 2018 China (Chongqing) Automotive Engineering Technology Exhibition held recently, wenjunzhu, senior manager of Asia Pacific market communication of Dena Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Tao Yifei, senior business development manager of light vehicle products of Dena Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., were interviewed by Gaishi automobile to answer the above questions

it is undeniable that the trend of electrification is irreversible, but moving towards electrification is a gradual process. Tao Yifei said that traditional fuel vehicles still have a certain market stock and market increment. Based on this, Dena is still deeply engaged in the business of traditional vehicles, and continues to strengthen the product advantages of compact power transmission device, suspended rear drive device, beam axle, cross universal joint and independent rear axle/front axle drive device. At the same time, it is also constantly launching new products to meet market demand, such as spice? Intelligent interconnection? Split full-time four-wheel drive technology

once considered as AWD (all wheel drive) for off-road and traction functions, it has now become a major configuration that many consumers will focus on when buying vehicles. However, it should be mentioned that although AWD vehicles are famous for their higher safety and performance in cold driving environments, they will also bring problems such as poor fuel economy. The reason is that the previous AWD system can not be flexibly adjusted according to the working conditions. Even when the vehicle does not need four-wheel drive, the whole system is still running, which will inevitably produce a certain amount of energy loss. For consumers, fuel consumption and vehicle cost will naturally increase

therefore, how to improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption is an issue that must be considered when upgrading AWD. It is understood that Dena first showed spice to the Chinese market in 2017? Intelligent interconnection? Separate AWD technology. Spicer intelligent interconnection system is configured under most driving conditions, and the powertrain works in the economical front wheel drive mode. When wheel slip is found, such as during rapid acceleration or under ice and snow conditions, the system can automatically and seamlessly switch to all wheel drive mode

Tao Yifei said that this means that in the whole process of using the vehicle, 4WD may only be used for 30% - 50% of the time, and there is no need to intervene for the remaining 50% - 70% of the time. Some relevant system components do not need to operate, so it can bring more energy savings. Wen Junzhu said that the Dena Spicer intelligent interconnection system can quickly switch the precursor mode and 4WD mode according to the real-time road conditions. "The relevant data will be fed back to the software control system. The system will allocate which mode to adopt. The whole process is very intelligent, and compared with people, the response time of this system is shorter."

it is worth mentioning that this product will not only be launched in some foreign markets, but also be introduced to the Chinese market simultaneously. It is revealed that Spicer intelligent interconnection system is currently undergoing prenatal testing and will soon be put into production in Dena Chongqing factory. Dena Chongqing plant is Dena's 15th facility in China, and it is also Dena's first layout in Western China

acquisition and construction of factories and acceleration of electrification layout

in the face of the increasingly rapid development of the hybrid and electric vehicle market, Dena has acted frequently in recent years. Wen Junzhu said that since the relevant products, technologies and applications of electrified vehicles are different from those of traditional models, Dena has launched the layout of this field through various measures such as personnel allocation, resource mobilization and relevant acquisitions

in May this year, Dena (Yancheng) power technology factory officially opened. It is understood that the factory mainly produces thermal management products such as thermoacoustic protective covers, direct insulation and heat insulation covers, and battery cooling panels suitable for plug-in hybrid vehicles. Dena expects the maximum total capacity of the plant to reach 8million pieces. It is understood that three of the four heat shield stamping lines are planned to be put into production in December 2018. In September, 2018, the trial production of electric vehicle cooling plate products began

in addition to the layout of production capacity, for traditional auto parts suppliers who are transforming to electrification, the acquisition of enterprises with certain experience in electrification can not only achieve complementary advantages, but also use the advantages of both sides to develop more competitive products. In fact, now many parts enterprises are passing this 2 According to the range of pendulum movement during the experiment of the experimental machine and the possibility of the sample flying forward after being broken, we can choose a safe place to quickly expand our own technical route. And Dena is more generous in this regard

around June this year, Dena and Quebec hydro announced the establishment of a joint venture partnership. According to the joint venture agreement, Dena will contribute 165million Canadian dollars (about 860million yuan) to become the major shareholder of TM4. It is understood that TM4 designs and produces electric motors, inverters and control systems. Therefore, this acquisition strengthens Dena's electric drive business and provides a complete power train for the global vehicle market by providing internal power components. It is said that through this layout, Dena has a world-class electronic technology center in Quebec, Canada, and has increased its share in the Chinese electric vehicle market

however, Dena is obviously not satisfied with these, because one month after announcing the acquisition of TM4, Dena announced another acquisition. At the end of July, Dena Co., Ltd. said in a statement that it had reached an agreement with eurekon to acquire eurekon's transmission system business. This transaction still needs the approval of regulators, and it is expected to complete this acquisition by the end of 2018 or the first quarter of 2019

eurekon transmission system is a leading global supplier of high-precision gear, wheel and crawler vehicle planetary drives and automotive electrification solutions. Eurekon is in line with Dena's enterprise strategy. The acquisition of eurekon transmission system provides Dena with a lot of opportunities to promote profit growth, including: supplementing and expanding Dena's current technical product portfolio, especially the high-precision helical gears related to light vehicles and vehicles, as well as the planetary drives of off-road wheel and crawler vehicles; Provide products, controls and software to support vehicle electrification in every end market (light vehicles, commercial vehicles and off highway vehicles) of Dena; Optimize Dena's global manufacturing business to make it closer to customers in key growth markets such as China, India and the United States; Add 5 R & D bases for Dena's extensive technical center network

Tao Yifei said that following the acquisition of TM4, the acquisition of eurekon transmission system is a powerful complement to Dena's accelerated hybrid and electrification strategy, and also makes Dena the only supplier with complete motor driver design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities. It is understood that at present, Dena can provide a wide range of thermal management products and Spicer for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles? electrified? Electric drive system, including axle with integrated motor, converter and control technology

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