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Fujian: the transportation investment plan this year will increase to 90billion yuan

Fujian: the transportation investment plan this year will increase to 90billion yuan

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according to the deployment of the provincial government, the Fujian Provincial Department of transportation recently added the 2017 transportation investment plan, striving to complete 90billion yuan throughout the year, the highest in the history of Fujian Province

after increasing the investment scale, the expressway plans to invest 32billion yuan. Five 209km projects including Nanping connecting line and Youxi section of Xiasha expressway were completed, 23 projects including the southeast section of Fuzhou Ring Road and the expansion project of Zhangzhou Tianbao Longyan Jiaoyang of Xiamen Chengdu line were continued, and 11 projects including the Youxi Zhongxian jianninglixin section of Puyan Expressway and Longyan East connecting line were newly started, with a length of 395 km

the planned investment for ordinary roads is 42billion yuan. Newly started 10 national and provincial road projects such as the Hongwei Xinling phase I project of Wuyi new area of national highway G237, and completed 20 national and provincial road projects such as the Zhangpu section of national highway g228 and the Meishan Nanan new section of provincial highway S213; Vigorously implement rural tourism roads, resource roads and industrial roads, and newly reconstruct 1500 kilometers of rural roads

the water transportation project plans to keep clean (clean after each experiment); The investment is 10.5 billion yuan. The scientific research investment of relevant institutions at home and abroad is also rising. These are the relevant knowledge shared by technicians today about the common anomalies of the spring change experimental machine in the operation process. Eight projects such as the third phase project of Gulei channel have been started, and five projects such as the completion of Berth 3 in Houshi port area of Xiamen port have been completed. The handling capacity of the newly added coastal port has increased by about 20million tons

the planned investment in transportation hubs and other projects is 5.5 billion yuan. Realize the full coverage of secondary passenger stations in counties and regional logistics nodes in districts and cities

the Fujian Provincial Department of transportation requires local transportation departments to immediately organize and carry out special inspections for the resumption of production to ensure that 100% of the projects under construction are resumed before the Lantern Festival. At the same time, five working groups were organized to go all over the country to supervise the resumption and quality safety of projects such as highways, ports and shipping, transportation hubs, etc., supervise and improve the construction management mechanism, increase factor investment, and quickly set off a construction boom

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