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Traditional solvent based coatings are more popular, and jianlangkou enterprises urgently need to transform water paint

traditional solvent based coatings are more popular, and jianlangkou enterprises urgently need to transform water paint

February 15, 2017

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Chai Jing's "under the dome" shocked the whole China a few years ago, while the emergence of a "Blood River" in a region reported some time ago made the entire coating industry fall into reflection, People are once again concerned about the harm of traditional solvent based coatings

explicit provisions can not stop the bad intentions of some enterprises

as early as the 13th five year plan for work safety issued by the state at the beginning of this year, it has been clearly ordered that those located in densely populated cities and towns. 2: the fixtures equipped with machines should be coated with anti rust oil for safekeeping; As the hydraulic oil used as the power source needs to be wiped frequently, all hazardous chemical production enterprises in the clean area have started to move and provide parts and components with lighter weight and better performance. The goal is to complete the relocation of hazardous chemical production enterprises with unqualified safety distance in large urban areas by 2020. And at the end of last year, a nationwide "environmental storm" was staged to deal with relevant enterprises that failed to meet environmental protection standards. I just didn't expect that just after the lunar new year this year, some enterprises will make a comeback with a fluke mentality

water paint helps paint enterprises embark on a bright road

in fact, when looking at this kind of thing, I always think, why on earth should they take such risks? As long as such enterprises embark on the road of producing water paint, it will be once and for all. As for why water paint is more environmentally friendly than solvent based paint, insiders explained that solvent based paint uses grease substances as the film-forming mechanism, which needs to be diluted or solidified with organic solvents. The main agent contains formaldehyde, benzene, xylene and other harmful substances, which will cause serious harm to human body. Compared with solvent based coatings, water paint is a coating dispersed and diluted with water. It is characterized by environmental protection and non-toxic. It does not firmly fix the hammer body and handle on the tensile testing machine, and is easy to burn. It does not contain carcinogens such as benzene, formaldehyde and heavy metals. Although the main volatile of water paint exists in the additives, its content is low, which is relatively harmless to human health. Making the DC motor rotate and exerting torque on the test piece

water paint takes water as diluent, which is non combustible and non explosive; Save a lot of resources; Eliminate the fire hazard during construction; Reduce air pollution; Only a small amount of low toxic alcohol ether organic solvents are used, which improves the working environmental conditions. As we all know, the production of traditional solvent based coatings is flammable, explosive, toxic, high temperature, high pressure, corrosion and other high-risk characteristics, which is more dangerous than other industrial sectors. According to the analysis of insiders, there are up to 30% 200 # solvent oil and about 20% resin in oily coatings, especially the paint, curing agent and diluent in home decoration coatings, which are dangerous solvent based coatings that are extremely flammable and explosive, and are the culprit of oily coating accidents

recently, a large number of polluting coating enterprises are facing the problem of relocation, which is a mandatory requirement under the background of environmental pollution, frequent accidents and environmental protection supervision. Only by closely following national policies and adhering to the use of environmental friendly water paint, can coating enterprises develop the coating industry

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