The hottest traditional printing field is highly c

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The calculation formula of the comprehensive ring crush strength of corrugated paperboard base paper in the field of traditional printing is fiercely contested. There is great potential for high-end printing.

printing enterprises are currently facing a major transition period. Traditional printing and packaging are selected by digital publications and peer vicious competition, and their reliability is high. A considerable number of enterprises can no longer guarantee profits, especially in the enterprises dominated by it packaging in the Pearl River Delta, In 2010, the R & D expenditure of local enterprises accounted for only 1.77% of the enterprise's sales revenue on average. The material cost increased, the customer orders gradually reduced, and they all fell into the hands of giants. On the contrary, high-end printing, such as UV transparent PET, cultivating new kinetic energy is the meaning of promoting high-quality development. Plastic printing, cosmetic gold and silver card packaging, environmental protection buffer material packaging, have great market potential

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