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The new traditional printing technology promotes the upgrading of China's printing industry. The arrival of the digital era makes many people worry that the printing industry will gradually decline, and even be replaced by various digital high-end technologies and instruments. In fact, the printing industry can obtain greater development with the help of advanced technology. Recently, an antique grotto appeared in hall N5 of Shanghai New International Exhibition Hall. When you are in the grotto, you can see lifelike flying portraits and Buddha sculptures as soon as you look up. These scenes are officially printed by scientific and technological progress, and the printing industry can have better development

technology promotes the upgrading of China's printing industry

Shangpu consulting industry analysts believe that the printing industry is one of the few industries with strong international competitiveness in China's manufacturing industry. The domestic market has been growing in the past two years. Relevant data show that there were 738 digital printing enterprises in China in 2012, an increase of 40% over the previous year. The total output value is 951.013 billion yuan, accounting for about 60% of the total output of the publishing industry and 20% of the total output value of the wenyulong hybrid industry

in the international market, China's printing industry also occupies an important position, and its influence is not small. Excellent product quality, low production costs, and timely supply services have led foreign publishers and related enterprises to place orders in China. Relevant data show that the foreign processing trade volume of China's printing industry in 2012 was 77.204 billion yuan, an increase of 13.5% over the previous year. The printing industry has made great strides into the international market, It has become the leading headquarters economy of China's publishing going global, accounting for a considerable proportion in Linzhou

with the advent of the digital era, the printing industry has indeed been impacted to a certain extent, but it is precisely the digital technology that can also promote the new development of the industry. At present, the technological innovation represented by digital printing and 3D printing has greatly improved the overall quality of the industry and is making the industry enter a new era. In addition, the development of printing enterprises also requires the government to actively participate in and actively provide high-end platforms. For example, the 2013 Shanghai International Printing week jointly hosted by the State Administration of publishing, radio, film and television and the Shanghai Publishing Bureau has caused great repercussions. The transformation of government functions will actively promote the development of enterprises

Shangpu consulting pointed out in the "China printing industry analysis and Investment Trend Research Report" that China is the hometown of printing, and the advanced printing technology in ancient China has made great contributions to the preservation and promotion of human civilization. The upgrading printing industry in China not only meets the rapid development of domestic publishing and packaging industry, but also provides high-quality printing services for the world. Today, with information technology and digital publishing in the ascendant, 3 The printing industry of Rockwell hardness (HR) system will go further with the help of new technology and even 3D printing technology

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