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Traffic safety technology simulation test questions and reference answers

a.20km/h b.25km/h c.30km/h d.35km/h

2 When receiving and departing the train, the shunting operation affecting the route of such train shall be stopped at the specified time

a. industrial regulations B. technical regulations C. rules of affairs D. station details

3 The basis for the preparation of the Railway Administration's traffic organization rules is:

A. station details B. freight regulations C. technical regulations D. rules of procedure

4 The waiting time for flight attendants to stay in bed shall not be less than:

a.2 hours b.4 hours C.6 hours d.8 hours

5 The thickness of wheel rim shall be greater than or equal to:

a.15mm, b.23mm, c.28mm, d.34mm

6 After the occurrence of flight accident symptoms, the unit involved and the relevant departments and airports (terminals) where the accident occurred shall report to the Aviation Safety Office of the local authority within hours

A.12 B.20 C.24 D.48

7. After the occurrence of flight accident symptoms, the Aviation Safety Office of the regional authority shall, after obtaining the information that "organic materials and inorganic materials composite materials" are listed as qualified materials, report to the_ Report to the Aviation Safety Office of CAAC within hours

A.12 B.20 C.24 D.48

8. The report form of handling flight accident symptoms shall be filled in by the unit with flight accident symptoms, and this form shall be submitted to the Aviation Safety Office of the local authority within days after the occurrence of flight accident symptoms

a.5 days B.7 days C.10 days d.24 days

9 2. Then rotate the horizontal micrometer handwheel, and the Aviation Safety Office of the regional authority will review and sign a clear opinion after receiving the report form of flight accident symptom handling, which should be reported to the Aviation Safety Office of the Civil Aviation Administration of China within days

a.5 days B.7 days C.10 days d.24 days

10 After the flight accident, the accident investigation team shall make an initial report within hours after arriving at the scene; The accident investigation shall be continued at any time

A.12 B.20 C.24 D.48

11. If the passenger's fault causes personal injury, serious injury, property loss or damage to vehicles, facilities, etc., he shall bear it

a. civil B. criminal C. civil and criminal D. compensation

12 The loading capacity of transported goods must be within the load capacity of highways, bridges and culverts and the marked and checked mass of vehicles. Overloaded goods transportation vehicles must _

a. unload locally B. return to unload C. fine release D. fine return to unload

13 Bus passenger station_ Firefighters, establish fire-fighting work system, and provide all kinds of fire-fighting equipment and facilities

a. can be equipped with full-time B. must be equipped with full-time C. can be equipped with part-time D. must be equipped with part-time

14 The safety inspection of motor vehicles is based on the requirements of road traffic for motor vehicle operation and relevant national technical standards introduced by the police, which are related to the driving of vehicles_ Performance inspection

a. all B. Part C. all or part D. others

15 Sprinkler, sweeper and road maintenance vehicle shall not be driven under the condition of ensuring traffic safety and smoothness__ Limitations of

a. speed B. direction C. route D. command light signal

16 Chinese ships applying the rules of the people's Republic of China on ship safety inspection must be equipped with a record book of ship safety inspection, which should be presented when going through the formalities for the entry and exit of ships or the entry and exit visa. The ship safety inspection record book shall be kept on board for years after use. The ship safety inspection record book shall be issued by the port (navigation) supervision authority

a.1 B.2 C.3 d.5

17 In case of traffic accidents, pollution accidents or other emergencies in the VTS area, the ship shall report to the VTS immediately through VHF Wireless or all other effective means_ Report

a. ship owner B. ship operator s center D. crew and passengers

18 Loading and unloading inflammable and explosive dangerous goods, away from the loading and unloading place_ No fire zone is within meters

A.200 B.50 C.100 D.500

19. Large oil tankers, tourist ships, RO ro passenger ships, passenger ships sailing international routes and other ships should be set up_ Full time or part-time fireman

a. one B. one to three C. three to five D. five to ten

20 "Ro ro passenger ship" refers to a passenger quota certificate and approved passenger quota (including vehicle drivers)_ Ro ro ships with more than people

a.50 b.100 c.18 d.12

reference answer

1 C 2. D 3. C 4. B 5. B 6. C 7. C 8. C 9. A 10. C

11. D 12. A 13. B 14. C 15. B 16. A 17. C 18. B 19. B 20. D

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