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Traffic control department: no penalty for stopping immediately after running a red light

original title: no penalty for stopping immediately after running a red light

Beijing News - the "new regulations on driver's license management" to be implemented from January 1 next year has increased the penalty for running a red light, and the deducted score has been increased from 3 points to 6 points. If you break the light twice, you have to retake the exam. Yesterday, the traffic control department said that the driver didn't stop when he just turned the red light, and the video equipment generally won't record as running the light. However, it should be noted that vehicles that have just crossed the line should not rush or reverse. The video equipment will capture the movement of vehicles to form a complete illegal record

recently, the Ministry of public security revised and issued the regulations on the application and use of motor vehicle driver's license (Order No. 123 of the Ministry of public security, hereinafter referred to as "Order No. 123"). If you have such needs in order 123, the content on the management of school bus drivers will be implemented from the date of promulgation, and other provisions in order 123 will be officially implemented from January 1, 2013. A major change in the new regulations is to increase the punishment for serious violations, in which deliberately blocking the number plate is increased from 6 points to 12 points; The penalty for violating traffic lights was increased from 3 points to 6 points

running a red light is a serious traffic offence, and the punishment has always been very strong. Many drivers worry that points will be deducted after the pressure line is photographed

the traffic police remind that any illegal act of running a red light for any reason will be punished according to law. However, the video equipment at the intersection is also very careful to collect the illegal information of running the red light every time. It needs "three joint trials", that is, three photos will be taken to confirm that a car runs the red light. Before, after and at the intersection. "When you drive into the intersection, it will be clear whether the vehicle is forced to pass under the red light." According to the police, the three photos will clearly record the position movement of the vehicle during the red light process

according to the introduction, if you just cross the line carelessly, the driver must not rush across the line or reverse a long distance. Because the video equipment captures moving images, vehicles that do not continue to move will not be recognized as breaking the light. In addition, rushing or reversing is also prone to danger. "It is still necessary to remind drivers to slow down and pay attention to the distance when crossing the intersection. Many accidents happen forcibly." Said the traffic policeman

On October 8, the Ministry of Public Security issued the newly revised provisions on the application and use of motor vehicle driver's license and the decision of the Ministry of public security on Amending the provisions on the registration of motor vehicles, in which strict measures such as a penalty of 6 points for running a red light, obtaining a new polymer additive in the driver's license may improve the difficulty of plastic recycling and manufacturing new materials, and the scoring item has been changed from the original 38 items to 52 items. Yesterday, Li Jiangping, deputy director of the traffic control bureau of the Ministry of public security, was interviewed by the media to interpret in detail the newly revised new regulations of the Ministry of public security

1 why is running a red light adjusted to 6 points? Is it too strict

reduce illegal acts by referring to international experience

Li Jiangping: in China, the vast majority of violations of traffic lights are intentional, which is also related to the low cost of violations

in recent years, the illegal behavior of illegal traffic lights and the malignant accidents caused by them have increased year by year. Compared with the same period last year, this year has increased by 30%. The consequence of this illegal act is the increase of traffic accidents and even the death toll. Last year, the number of deaths caused by illegal traffic signals was more than 1000

let's look at other countries in the world. The United States and Germany are more strict in punishing red light running, and will include the record of red light running into personal credit. Singapore also stipulates that serious acts of running a red light will be sentenced to imprisonment. China has a cycle of one year, with a full score of 12 points. Many western developed countries have a longer scoring cycle and less full scores than China. For example, the UK stipulates that the driver's license will be cancelled if 6 points are deducted in the first two years of receiving the driver's license

based on their experience, it is more effective to adjust the scoring measures, so we will adjust the red light running to 6 points

2 why did the new regulations not adjust the fines

the impact of fines is limited, and scoring is more effective

Li Jiangping: this time, there is no place to raise fines. Considering that fines have their weaknesses as a means of punishment, fines are not an end, and their impact on one's education and long-term development is limited. The adjustment of scoring is more effective, and the scoring system is also a common practice in the world. There will be long-term pressure after the first scoring, which can constantly remind drivers to comply with traffic regulations

in addition, it should be emphasized that the statement that the driver's license will be revoked after 12 points is recorded is inaccurate. According to the provisions of the road traffic safety law, if the cumulative score within a scoring cycle reaches 12 points when it is installed on the tail frame of the swing frame, the traffic control department shall detain its driver's license and conduct traffic regulation training and examination. Those who pass the examination will have their scores cleared and their motor vehicle driver's license returned; Those who fail the exam should continue to take part in study and examination

review: Ministry of Public Security: drivers who run red lights will be deducted 6 points from next year

on October 8, the Ministry of Public Security issued the newly revised regulations on the application and use of motor vehicle driver's license, which stipulates that drivers who run red lights will be deducted 6 points from 2013. Drunk driving of large and medium-sized passenger and freight cars will be banned for life. Drivers under 3 years of driving age are suitable for those who have traffic fatalities in steel with high requirements, and those who check the police who pass the examination and license

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