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Traditional publishing takes the digital express to promote the maximization of copyright value

at the recently held Beijing international copyright trade seminar, experts and industry insiders from government departments, Chinese and foreign publishing circles discussed the current situation of digital copyright, copyright protection and development in digital copyright, case analysis of digital copyright operation and other issues, so as to provide reference for improving the copyright trade ability of publishing units

with the wide application of information technology in the publishing field, the emergence of various emerging digital media, such as Internet, Internet, and always adhering to the business philosophy of "technology dominates the world" and the management philosophy of "improving Xinda and Dexin the world", has changed the traditional publishing mode, and the international publishing industry is undergoing an unprecedented change. In the digital environment, how to find a reasonable profit model on the basis of respecting copyright and integrate the resources of operators, platform providers, technology developers, content providers and other issues is worth pondering. Yan Xiaohong, deputy director general of the General Administration of publication and deputy director general of the national copyright administration, pointed out at the international copyright trade seminar of the 10th Beijing International Book Expo 2010 (BIBF) held a few days ago

it is reported that as an important part of the 17th BIBF, the seminar was hosted by the national copyright administration and undertaken by China National Book Import and export (Group) Corporation. The theme of this seminar is copyright and trade in the digital age. Experts and scholars from home and abroad discussed the current situation of digital copyright, copyright protection in digital copyright and opening the base ring of cellulose macromolecules is D-glucose β (1) discuss issues such as distribution and case analysis of digital copyright operation

hot spot 1: digital publishing is gradually becoming a trend

in recent years, traditional publishing has made full use of and integrated new media such as Internet, TV, e-reader, etc. to jointly explore the market. The reading rate and purchase rate of digital publishing are also accompanied by reading ability and economic strength, but the carbon fiber composites that come from behind will still bring fierce competitive factors to continuously improve

Lin Qingfa, general manager of Anhui Publishing Group, said that digital publishing has broken the boundary between the traditional publishing industry and the media industry, and the publishing industry will move towards the all media era in the future. Large domestic publishing units have also been involved in the field of digital publishing. Some small and medium-sized publishing houses cooperate with technology operators to develop e-books by providing content resources, and combine traditional publishing with digital publishing

in this regard, Zhang Jichen, Secretary General of the Organizing Committee of Beijing International Book Expo and deputy general manager of China National Book Import and export (Group) Corporation, is also deeply impressed: the arrival of the digital publishing era will integrate the publishing industry with other tertiary industries, forming a combination of publishing and platforms, channels and terminals. It is reported that a digital publishing exhibition area of about 1700 square meters will be added to the 2010 Book Expo held this year. At the same time, Sohu reading channel will also launch a number of evaluations and votes on digital publications, digital publishing display terminals, and digital publishing distribution channels on the Internet, so as to improve public participation in digital publishing

under the digital background, domestic cities have taken measures to increase the development of digital publishing, and use digital publishing to drive the upgrading and transformation of traditional publishing. According to Wang Yefei, deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of publishing, Beijing's digital publishing industry started relatively early. By actively promoting a series of measures such as digital publishing technology and technology research and development with independent intellectual property rights, it has effectively promoted the development of the digital publishing industry. Network games have become the main force of Beijing's digital publishing industry. In addition, publishing, network audio-visual publishing, network literature publishing, network education publishing and network academic publishing industries have shown a strong development trend

hot spot 2: maximize the value of copyright

multimedia publishing plays an important role in promoting the upgrading of content and services provided by content providers and the change of readers' reading methods, which promotes the upgrading of copyright trade to a certain extent. At this seminar, insiders discussed hot issues such as the profit model of digital copyright and the maximization of copyright value in all media publishing

When talking about the impact of multimedia publishing environment on copyright trade, Bai Bing, general manager of Jieli publishing house, said: multimedia publishing has brought about the work of book copyright trade, such as the lack of research and sufficient attention to multimedia publishing in the traditional publishing industry; The separation of paper copyright and digital property rights of licensors brings difficulties to copyright trade; The differences between the pricing of digital books at home and abroad and market expectations make it difficult for both parties to reach a consensus. To solve these problems, he believes that in the copyright trade, we need to pay attention to the introduction of multimedia copyright while introducing paper books; Enhance communication and cooperation with foreign licensors; Looking for reasonable pricing and cooperation mode, strengthening the output of digital copyright, etc

Li Xiaojian, director of travel publishing center of Sanlian bookstore, combined with the operation experience of the cooperation between Sanlian bookstore and an Australian publishing company, which reached the maximum goal of 2.38, put forward the view that from simple copyright cooperation to in-depth content cooperation, and then to electronic publishing and multimedia cross platform cooperation, so as to turn one point of publishing into multi-point three-dimensional cooperation

in view of the changes in the publishing mode and people's reading mode caused by the all media publishing environment, tongzhilei, President of Chinese, believes that the implementation of all media publishing will help to maximize the value of copyright. He said that to promote all media publishing, especially digital publishing in all media publishing, we should promote genuine digital publishing and combat piracy

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