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Students buy new machines? This Huawei 8e is only a thousand yuan, and you have everything you want

you know that it is the most "egg pain" to recommend to the student party, with a small budget and many requirements. Of course, it's difficult to choose a machine with all functions in a thousand yuan machine! However, in the product standard, the technical requirements for food contact materials are made clear in four aspects: Changxiang 8e. The starting price of Changxiang 8e is 1099 yuan, which can basically meet any needs of you. This machine will be on sale on April 15

Changxiang 8e uses the Xiaolong 430 processor, which mainly runs the emui8.0 system based on Android 8.0. Few people use Android 8.0 since the release of Qianyuan machine. Thanks to the blessing of emui system, it is enough to enjoy the memory combination of 8e 3gb+32gb

secondly, considering the performance of video and photography, these two points are also of great concern to the student party. Huawei Changxiang 8e has added the function of "real-time ear return", which is called "walking KTV". In taking photos, the rear dual camera (13million +2million) is used, and the front 5million is added with an independent soft light

of course, the new material industry in detail is expected to benefit and usher in rapid development. Students like to experience the latest technology, so Changxiang 8e has joined "face recognition". Tongvanadium also plays an important role in the chemical industry. Considering that students may have a campus card, as well as a home card, and the memory itself is not very large, the three card slot design is used. And the popularity of solar photovoltaic module power generation as a clean and environmentally friendly new energy in the domestic market is limited due to cost. Huawei Changxiang 8e can be said to have considered every aspect and every detail, and it is waiting for you to start. [open pre-sale and preemptive collection on April 9] huawei/Huawei Huawei enjoys 8e ¥ 1099 "

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