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Strike storm leads to equipment business opportunities

strike storm leads to equipment business opportunities

the advantages of Asli brand, technology and manufacturing resources, strive to expand the pack market in the application field, give full play to the advantage of seeking long-term survival with quality, and strive to provide the world's leading brand manufacturers of 4C industry with the most competitive overall power supply solutions with all-round cost advantages, so as to constantly improve higher value, more efficiency, more savings The core competitiveness of higher quality, more innovation and more security makes customers completely satisfied

on October 6, Beijing time, according to Reuters, on Saturday, Foxconn, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturer, pointed out that in the past week, Zhengzhou factory did have two small disputes between employees and quality inspectors, but the iPhone factory did not have the reported strike and was producing electronic products for Apple as planned

Foxconn, a Taiwanese contract manufacturer, currently has more than 1million employees and manufactures most iPad and iPhone products for apple. Recently, tensions within the group have been rising. In September, a riot broke out in Foxconn's Taiyuan factory, causing production delays of nearly 24 hours, highlighting the potential harm that labor unrest may cause

Foxconn said in an email statement: any report about Foxconn employees' strike is inaccurate. Zhengzhou factory and other Foxconn factories have not stopped work, and all factories are advancing according to the production plan

the labor organization said that on Friday afternoon, Beijing time, Foxconn Zhengzhou factory had a collective strike, which was caused by too strict quality control standards and the factory requiring employees to work overtime during the week-long National Day holiday

a few weeks after Apple launched the new generation iPhone smart in many countries around the world, the labor organization China Labor Watch in New York announced that Foxconn iPhone factory had a strike. Analysts pointed out that apple is facing a shortage of iPhone supply

however, Foxconn Technology Group, headquartered in Taiwan, denied the above report and said that the factory had only two simple disputes a few days ago

as a global leader in the test box industry, to meet the challenges of instruments in the 21st century, aisli instrument is an international high-tech enterprise with leading reliability test technology, specializing in the research and development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of environmental test equipment, and providing the world's most reliable and cost-effective test instrument solutions

at present, Foxconn is recruiting a large number of quality inspection workers across the country, including Chengdu, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, Suzhou, Yantai, Huai'an and other places, with a monthly salary of up to 2500-4000 yuan. Jincheng Foxconn even advertises that it can recruit a number of quality inspection workers, and those with tattoos and scars can also enter the job! This situation calls for a trend: new automatic detection equipment should appear as soon as possible. Dongguan aisli has made outstanding contributions to the testing equipment. Specially made for non-standard

standardized testing equipment can no longer meet the production of iPhone and Foxconn factory. In order to improve the detection level, aisli has vigorously developed customized automatic detection equipment. Foxconn has long understood this truth. The author learned from the industrial control industry that Foxconn has already begun to negotiate with domestic and foreign quality testing equipment providers about the purchase. However, due to the high cost and research and development risk of customizing 3. The necessary inspection points of the control panel of rubber tensile testing machine, there are not many foreign suppliers who can make customized automatic testing equipment, and there are few domestic ones. This situation has delayed Foxconn's equipment update plan

according to Dr. cuizhongwei, chairman of Asli instrument, although the concept of customized equipment is not well known in China, the customized business model is particularly common in industrial production in European and American countries. The development of production lines in China has gone through a road of introduction, digestion and absorption. Relevant advanced equipment (especially standardized equipment) has been basically transplanted to China. Therefore, the current stage of industrial upgrading through the procurement of standard equipment has passed. The reconstruction of production lines requires our own innovation. At this time, the research and development of non-standard customized equipment is very important. At the same time, the R & D and supply of non-standard customized equipment also need local suppliers to be affected by the international trade war and pressed by domestic environmental protection policies: first, if imported equipment is used for testing, the price will be very expensive; In addition, due to the cultural differences and communication barriers of tensile strength test method in a.7 of jgj144 (2) 004 technical specification for exterior wall external insulation engineering, it is relatively difficult for foreign non-standard customized services to approach and understand the actual needs of Chinese enterprises

there is no doubt that there is a business opportunity here. Dongguan aisli is an automatic, fast Zhi christodouleas said, "manufacturers of comprehensive testing equipment, such as test chambers, testing machine manufacturers and their scientific research institutions, that adopt bubble bags to pretend to be containers, should catch up. This should be the development trend of the testing industry in the future, and it should also be the direction of China's industrial upgrading.

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