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Stretching film wrapping system Barry Tucker, chairman of Aetna, has been engaged in stretching film and wrapping for 30 years. He stressed that it is extremely important to choose the right machine and supplier, because this is the most critical finishing work in the packaging production line

at the beginning (1960s), it was polypropylene, followed by shrink film. By the mid-1970s, stretch film began to appear on the stage. At first, neither PVC nor its laminated parts had much tensile property, but its intervention led to the first use of manual winding and coating method, which largely replaced the steel strip or the double strand wire used to fix the load of the pallet truck

in the United States, the early pioneer was lantec, while in Britain, inpack became the pioneer with its semi-automatic wrapping system with turntable. By the mid-1980s, inpack had introduced various fully automatic machines, including a wrapping system with a rotating arm, which could completely lift the goods with a pallet, and the speed was as high as 60 pallets/hour

i npack production facilities have a long history, but in the early 1980s, the first ring system to enter the UK was designed and developed by haloila of Finland

the film reel of the system is installed on the ring, and the ring can move up, down and back along the height of the support plate load (the force to move the film is obtained from the slip ring). People think that it is not as complex as the rotating arm system, and it can rotate very fast in any case, which meets the needs of people to improve the packaging speed

the introduction of the "ring" system enabled mancon to sell about 15 such devices every year throughout the 1980s. In the late 1980s, with the addition of NEWTEC (it has acquired inpack and haloila), ITW became the person in charge of the production and sales of haloila ring system in the UK by conducting experiments according to the requirements of the national standard gb/t17761 (1) 999 "methods for testing the strength of cement mortar"

in the early 1980s, LLDPE mobile first introduced stretch film, which pushed all stretch wrapping technologies forward. The performance becomes more reliable, and even at high speed, the tensile strength of the film can be as high as 200%

since then, stretch films have continued to be improved, and today, 23 micron films produced by BPI can provide up to 300% reliable pre stretch when running on more complex packaging machines at the highest speed. These films have also been developed into other necessary and suitable strips with good load support and breakdown resistance

there are various flat rack packaging series available in the UK market, and many of these systems are still being improved

from a simple rotary table, to a bridge rotating arm, to a four legged rotating arm and a variety of ring systems, other developments include a film tail sealing system, a fully automatic reel placement system (which can be operated even when the packaging machine is running), a top tablet press (which can also be placed on the top of the pallet when the machine is running), and a top reel placer

the great improvement of the software improves the communication and control functions of the production line, and maximizes the efficiency of the packaging line from the stacker to the warehouse

pallet packaging machine has never been so important to the efficiency of the production line. Over time, the industry gradually realized this. First of all, consider the production line. The days when stretch wrapping machines are used as auxiliary facilities are gone forever. Similarly, the days when the production line operator or supervisor did not know how the packaging machine in the final process of his production line operated were long gone

The manufacturers of the ring system have tried to make rings with different types of materials. At present, the rings used include carbon fiber rings, aluminum rings and steel rings

robopac abandoned the traditional method of using slip rings to provide energy for dynamic stretching and developed a patented generator system, which can provide enough energy for driving the pre stretching equipment. This is a trouble free system, suitable for use in an environment with a lot of dust in the air

due to the improvement of film quality and capacity, the packaging speed has improved as much as the production demand in recent years. The fastest system (up to 50rpm) can produce up to 90 full packages per hour under 2800mm high load conditions. Some examples show that in some major plastic drum manufacturers, the packaging load speed of the ring system can reach 120 per hour. Obviously, to achieve this speed, the ability of the software is very critical, and the fine-tuning required also depends on the experience and ability of the manufacturer to a large extent

when all the technologies are focused on improving speed, using film more economically and optimizing packaging, it is undoubtedly surprising that the main users of manual packaging film are still preserved in the UK

it may use the highest tonnage of European manual packaging stretch film. At this level, it is not only expensive, but also the packaging quality is not high, so it is difficult to provide real support or protection, and it can not meet the provisions of health and safety regulations. All those weak packages will continue to remind people that we can make it clear with 10 points: meaning this

for this reason, the manufacturing industry in the whole UK has gradually shifted from semi-automatic to fully automatic operation

the main suppliers have all noticed the trend of turning to systematization and automation, and shifted production to a single automatic packaging machine, rather than several production lines having semi-automatic systems to handle all required operations. As a result, many purchase orders prefer systematic facilities

for major suppliers, it is more important to provide advice and consultation to ensure that their investment is fully utilized. It is within this scope that manufacturers with experience in procurement and supply will continue to occupy the dominant position in the market. Service and technical support are also important in the economic use of the pallet stretching and wrapping system

while continuing to improve the efficiency of major packaging machines, the existing methods to adapt to production speed, layout and customer preferences continue to increase. At present, more and more professional engineers can choose the "right" packaging machine according to the actual needs. It is not always necessary to specify a "ring" system when the rotating arm can work freely

here, only many aspects of the use of tensile film used for pallet wrapping are studied in detail, of course, there are also many other aspects. Recently, other products have been able to make full use of. An example is horizontal stretch packaging. Bundles of metal and plastic with different lengths and diameters can be tied together horizontally

in the past 15 years, a supplier controlled this market. These horizontal rings are currently manufactured with a diameter of 3M, which can automatically package flat furniture and even gypsum board

the latest installation includes a complete handling system, which can handle 3600mm long, 1220mm wide and 1200mm high plates - a huge package through automatic processing. This installation greatly saves the cost, and the packaging effect is as good as the previous packaging method

in this range, the film has been improved so that its outer surface has the ability of "sliding". The purpose is to slide and take out items such as doors when they are packed and stacked in shops

many of these products were previously packaged in corrugated boards, sometimes in metal boxes. Facts have shown that people will be more careful when handling when packed with film. One of the largest office equipment manufacturers in the UK believes that when the packaging is changed from corrugated board to film protection, the damage is greatly reduced

another situation that affects all of us is the trend of single use to help us better choose an energy supply. Few professional engineers do this. And its need for experience in production line system. Care should be taken when selecting suppliers

looking forward to the future, the use of stretched films will grow steadily, especially in the next 10 years, we will wait and see

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