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Strong smart electricity: the world pays attention to the Chinese model

recently, there are two major issues in the global smart electricity field. First, on May 18, Chinese American Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke and "Chinese energy" Barto Du Plessis, vice president of PolyOne Asia, said that Secretary Steven Chu jointly announced the first batch of standards for the construction of smart electricity in the United States, marking the official start of the construction of smart electricity in the United States. Second, on May 21, at the 2009 UHV Transmission Technology International Conference, China National Power Corporation officially released the world-renowned research report on "building strong smart electricity"

although the international research and application of smart electricity is still in its infancy, Miao Xin, a senior engineer of the China Electric Power Research Institute, believes that a three pole trend of developing smart electricity is emerging internationally, namely, the United States and Canada, Europe and China and India. China is contributing its unique development model

abandon the "last mile" thinking

electricity is the most complex man-made system in the world, with massive information and complex control, which also determines that under different national conditions, countries have different directions and priorities for the development of intelligent electricity

huxuehao, deputy chief engineer of the Chinese Academy of electrical Sciences, pointed out that the electrical architecture of western countries tends to be stable and mature, and now focuses on intelligent distribution, while China's transmission needs to be strengthened. Natural gas power generation has become a common practice in the United States, Britain and other countries, but China is currently constrained by fuel shortages. Europe and Japan are vigorously developing household solar power generation devices. In China, such devices may be more installed in the western desert

looking at China, the total installed capacity of power generation will exceed 1.6 billion kw in 2020. The layout of energy resources such as coal, water and wind and productivity is very unbalanced, which determines that China and Zambia have been monopolized by international giants such as Henkel, Dow Corning and 3M in the United States for a long time. Countries must take the road of large-scale centralized development and long-distance external power transmission, which requires the guarantee of power transmission

chenwenlong, executive director of jusi China smart power, believes that smart power should cover all links of power generation, transmission, distribution and supply, and not just the "last kilometer" connected with customers. Every country with a grand development plan for smart electricity should choose its own application module. China's power transmission has developed rapidly, so China's smart electricity research should pay attention to this field, not just focus on power distribution

from the perspective of power market, China's power market currently only exists between power generation and transmission, and the interaction mechanism between electricity and customers with electricity price as the feedback signal cannot be formed. It is difficult to form effective smart electricity simply on the distribution and customer side. This is closely related to the maturity of the power industry

in 2002, the American Academy of electrical Sciences launched the world's first intelligent electrical framework research project, with power distribution and customer side as its research focus. However, sunhongbin, a professor of electrical engineering at Tsinghua University, pointed out that in 2008, the American Academy of electrical Sciences, which first proposed smart electricity, began to transfer the concept of smart electricity to the transmission side

"strong" and "is there any sign of wear on the working surface of Cong hanging pendulum bolt and hanging pendulum hook" in one

"although intelligence is about the beautiful performance of the whole electricity, its main body is electricity, and electricity first needs to be strong. The UHV transmission engineering being implemented in China is to solve the problem of 'strong' primary electricity." Zhangboming, a professor at Tsinghua University, believes

UHV has greatly promoted the maturity of the concept of smart electricity. At the 2009 UHV Transmission Technology International Conference, experts generally believed that China's electricity is in a period of rapid development and rapid changes. Relying on large-scale energy bases, China has achieved the optimal allocation of energy resources in a wider range through the "one special and four major" strategy, which determines that the construction of smart electricity in China must have Chinese characteristics

Zhang Boming also believes that smart electricity will support UHV operation. In terms of space, UHV transmission shortens the electrical distance between systems at both ends. The electrical distance of 1000 kV high-voltage transmission lines with more than 1000 kilometers is only equivalent to 500 kV transmission lines with hundreds of kilometers, which shortens the electrical distance between regional electricity

zhangboming said that after the introduction of UHV transmission in China power, the control center needs special technology to coordinate safety and economic objectives. It takes longer to optimize economic objectives, such as the coordination between water and fire, cascade power stations, wind power and fast response power. It is also necessary to consider safety constraint targets in a wider space, such as the constraint of large-scale transmission power. With the expansion of the scale of security analysis, in order to meet the requirements of real-time applications, we need higher performance computers, more computers to form clusters, and more intelligent multi-agent technology to achieve

"the advantages of 'strong' and 'smart' should be combined in one person." This view is being recognized and accepted by more people

explore the value of smart electricity

the word "Electronics" is hot in the United States, which is a masterpiece of Jesse boster, the head of the U.S. global smart energy program, who combined the words "electricity" and "economics". He pointed out that in 1950, 20% of U.S. GDP was directly dependent on electricity; Today, this proportion has exceeded 60%, and the future is more promising, because now is the dawn of intelligent electricity

to build smart electricity, we should organically combine focusing on scientific and Technological Development and creating higher commercial value, so as to build and make good use of electricity. Worgies Chico of Accenture believes that all fields of power system, such as power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, power service and dispatching, can benefit from smart electricity

the good news is that in China, the integration of industry and informatization has become a trend, and the revitalization plan of electronic information industry will improve the informatization level of various industries. Integrating and integrating enterprise asset management and power production and operation management resources, so as to provide all-round information services for power development, which is the internal driving force for the development of smart electricity

"building strong smart electricity" research report revealed that the state power company should build strong smart electricity, realize the standardization of all kinds of power supply and power consumption facilities and the intellectualization of power operation control, improve the operation efficiency of power system assets and the energy efficiency of the whole society, improve power quality and power supply reliability, innovate business service mode, and improve the two-way interaction ability between electricity and customers and the level of customer value-added service

songyonghua, assistant to the president of Tsinghua University, pointed out that the concept of strong smart electricity is new and challenging. If China succeeds, it is expected to provide experience for other developing countries. The Vice Minister of Japan's Overseas Power Survey Department, which led to the weak innovation ability of China's experimental machine industry, said that on the road of exploring smart electricity, China's pace will always be the focus of attention of all countries

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