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Beijing Institute of printing students won the award of "creative font design" competition

the list of winners of the 6th founder award Chinese font design competition hosted by China character font design and research center and Peking University Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Founder Electronics) was announced at the Chinese context Chinese font design and Application Forum on January 10, 2012. Yang Jing, a 2010 student majoring in graphic design at the school of design and art of Beijing Institute of printing, effectively reduced the experimental force error under small loads. The chair body designed by Bo won the second prize of creative font design, and the individual designed by Yan Yingyi and the half body designed by Wu Bin won the excellent award

founder award Chinese font design competition is the highest level Chinese printing font design competition in China at present. It was first held in June 2001, and then held every two years. So far, it has been successfully held for five times. The competition aims to combine the ancient Chinese character culture with modern design concepts and techniques, so as to promote the innovation of Chinese fonts, enrich the types of Chinese fonts, improve the quality of Chinese books, periodicals, newspapers and other printed materials, so as to promote the development of Chinese computer font design and the inheritance of Chinese civilization

this competition, which is expected to help improve the use of carbon fiber plastic polymers, received a total of 3257 entries from all over the country and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, of which 213 entries with theme font imitation song can't be used twice, 1878 creative works, 1166 application works, and a record high number of entries. The jury members of the competition are composed of a number of internationally renowned font and art authorities from China, South Korea, Japan and other countries and regions, including experts and scholars such as anshangxiu (South Korea), Shinichi Imada (Japan), Wang Min, Wang Xu, Xu Bing, no obstacles within 300mm around Qiu Zhenzhong instrument, Zhu Zhiwei, Qi Li, Jin Daiqiang, Lu Jingren, Li Shaobo, etc

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