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Strength witness! Zhanchen new material company won a number of honors

strength witness! Zhanchen new material company won many honors

March 26, 2021

recently, zhanchen new material can be described as "a series of happy events". With excellent product quality and good market reputation, zhanchen Xincai has won a number of important awards in succession after its classic brands were listed on the list of "top 500 preferred suppliers of China's real estate development enterprises in 2021"

On March 21, 2021 Shenzhen fashion home design week and the 36th Shenzhen International Furniture Design exhibition ended. With the theme of "future design circle, design new home", this exhibition will hold 8 theme exhibitions at the same time, with a total of 14 pavilions, with a net exhibition area of 280000 square meters. It is one of the largest international high-quality commercial design exhibitions in the world in 2021

on March 17, the organizer held the 2021 home supply chain "innovation technology award" award ceremony and the special conference of innovation technology optimization library at hall 2 forum 2d09. Zhanchen new material was awarded the title of "the founding member of the professional committee of Yingchuang technology of Shenzhen home furnishing industry association home furnishing supply will replace heavy metal materials in many fields". At the same time, it was honored to win the "2021 Technology Award"

Yangqiugui (second from the left), director of zhanchen furniture paint marketing service center, on behalf of zhanchen new materials licensing

home supply chain innovation technology professional committee, was established in November 2020. It is the Shenzhen Furniture Industry Association in order to promote the connection between traditional home manufacturing and all standards of new materials by revising materials and new technologies, help the home industry overcome R & D technical problems, and accelerate the upgrading of production and quality in the home industry. At present, it has attracted 21 leading enterprises in various fields of the home supply chain, including zhanchen new materials. He was awarded the founding member, representing zhanchen new material to be at the forefront of the industry in terms of material research and development and technological innovation

gold medal suppliers of China's wood door industry

on March 18, the "2021 National Double commitment brand influence conference of wood doors and windows and the annual conference of China's wood doors and windows industry" was held in Foshan, hosted by China wood and wood products Circulation Association and co hosted by the wood doors and windows professional committee of China wood and wood products circulation association and Guangdong door industry association. More than 500 people attended the meeting, including expert leaders of industry associations, representatives of provincial and municipal local associations, door and window entrepreneurs across the country, industry elites, upstream and downstream industry chain suppliers, and media representatives

the conference discussed the development status of the industry in 2020 and the development trend of the industry in 2021. It is hoped that more enterprises can take the opening year of the "14th five year plan" as an opportunity, and under the macro-control of national policies, make steady progress through innovation in products, models, operations and management, so as to seek the sustainable, healthy and long-term development of the wooden door industry

at the award ceremony of the conference, the list of gold medal suppliers in China's wood door industry in 2020 was announced, and zhanchen new materials was honored on the list

the award of "2020 gold supplier" in China's wood door industry is an authoritative evaluation activity in China's wood door industry, which affirms five key improvement points, including the impact of recycled material quality, the melting of iron tools into liquid aluminum, the melting of shelling hammers into liquid aluminum, the anodizing of blanking ports, and the melting of phosphorus iron steel claw rust into liquid aluminum. It is the highest honor for door accessories suppliers in the wood door industry. Zhanchen new material won this honor, which is the affirmation of the wood door industry on the comprehensive strength of zhanchen new material, and also confirms the trust and love of customers for zhanchen new material

honor is not only encouragement, but also the driving force to move forward. In the future, zhanchen new materials will continue to forge ahead and innovate, provide customers with a more professional package of environmental protection coating solutions, boost the competitiveness and creativity of the home industry, and jointly create a healthy and environmentally friendly home living environment for consumers

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