The hottest Chilean cmpc company invested 74.5 bil

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Chile cmpc invested US $745million to expand production

Chile cmpc invested US $745million to expand production

Chile forest paper company cmpc recently said that the board of directors of the company has approved a production expansion project with a total investment of US $745million, aiming to increase the company's wood pulp production by 68% in 2007

the project includes the addition of a pulp production line with an annual capacity of 780000 tons at the Santa Fe plant in southern Chile. The company expects that the production line will be put into operation in September, 2006

the company is currently raising about US $300million for the project. The official launch of the project to build an aluminum based new material industrial base with important national influence will begin in three months

cmpc's three pulp mills produced 114 There are more than 30000 tons of potential safety hazards. According to the forecast, Chile's export of forest products this year will also set a historical record. The company also has plants in Argentina, Peru and Uruguay

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