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Chery heavy industry will build 100 demonstration bases for drying equipment this year and next year. Chery heavy industry will build 100 demonstration bases for drying equipment this year and next year. China Construction machinery information recently, "Anhui Chery heavy industry grain drying equipment tension indicating machine" was recognized by the provincial agricultural machinery administration as an experimental machine model base for shear, zigzag, contraction and other mechanical properties of materials, It was inaugurated in brother grain and oil professional cooperative in Wanhe Town, Wuhu County. This year and next, Chery heavy industries plans to set up 100 drying equipment demonstration bases with a daily processing capacity of about 500 tons in major grain producing areas across the country. At present, more than 20 have been built

this is a critical period for the mature harvest of rice. "In the past, once the rice was harvested, drying became a headache. For one thing, there are few drying sites, and many farmers spread the drying field on the surrounding roads, which is very unsafe; for another, the weather changes greatly, and in case of continuous overcast and rainy days, the food loss will be very high. At the same time, the labor cost continues to increase, and mechanization is the general trend." Zhangxiancai, President of brother grain and oil professional cooperative, told that the newly installed 15 dryers can dry up to 450 tons of all kinds of grain per day. The grain harvested from about 20000 mu of fields around the cooperative will no longer cause loss and waste due to the difficulty of drying grain. "The total investment is more than 3million yuan, and the actual stress of each machine is increasing. We can enjoy the government's 32400 yuan subsidy for the purchase of agricultural machinery. The cost is expected to be recovered in two years after the green credit cooperation mechanism with the China Development Bank is improved."

professional cooperatives and large grain growers spend money on equipment, and enterprises provide full mechanized solutions, which is one of Chery heavy industries' innovative models to explore agricultural mechanization cooperation. Through independent research and development and resource integration, Chery heavy industries' dryer sales have doubled year by year, and now ranks first in the industry

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