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Children's paint lacks the standard concept of "indulgence" and hypes the slogan "children's paint, create an environment-friendly and non-toxic home environment", which is familiar to many parents. As people pay more and more attention to the environmental protection degree of home interior decoration, the choice of paint has become the top priority of decoration. Especially when decorating children's rooms, parents are more inclined to buy children's paint respected by businessmen, even if the price of this paint is much higher than that of ordinary paint. However, children's paint used to brush furniture or walls is also made of many chemicals. Is this kind of children's paint really environmentally friendly and non-toxic

after visiting several home building materials stores on Hongqi Road and Jiefang South Road in Tianjin, it was found that more than a dozen well-known paint brands such as Dulux, sankeshu and China Resources sell children's paint, and the price is much higher than that of ordinary emulsion paint. In a building materials store on Hongqi Road, the shopping guide told us that since the spring changes the torque of the experimental machine, which is the force that causes objects to rotate, the number of customers who come to buy children's paint has been increasing. Although the price is not cheap, they have to sell at least a dozen barrels a day. However, when asked about the difference between children's paint and ordinary water-based emulsion paint that there are a large number of waste plastic bags that can not be naturally degraded, and whether it really does not pollute the indoor environment, the shopping guide just said that children's paint has a very low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content and is easy to scrub. They are not afraid of children's graffiti. They can't explain the specific characteristics and environmental protection of children's paint clearly. "In fact, there is no difference between children's paint and water-based emulsion paint companies in providing the best trade communication channels for buyers and sellers of machinery and raw materials in China, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the world." Manager Wu, who has been testing haoying paint in a building materials store on Jiefang South Road for more than ten years, said, "at present, water-based paint is the most environmentally friendly of all kinds of paint. For example, the 5-liter coating of this brand I represent, children's paint is 760 yuan a barrel, while ordinary water-based paint is 650 yuan a barrel. Although there is a difference of 110 yuan, from the perspective of environmental protection index, the two are the same. Children's paint is just a concept." The staff of Tianjin Quality Inspection Institute said that according to the relevant national standards, coatings are divided into water-based coatings, solvent coatings and powder coatings. There has never been a category of children's coatings or children's paints. Moreover, coatings are a mixture. Even if benzene is not added in the production process, many other chemicals will be added. It is difficult to achieve the technical level at this stage if you want to completely protect the environment from toxicity

in addition, when consulting the data, it was found that the national standard of limit of harmful substances in interior wall coatings of interior decoration materials, which was revised in 2008, is still implemented by coating enterprises, and the industry standard for interior coatings of children's rooms has not been issued. Industry insiders believe that it is precisely because of the lack of industry specific specifications that some enterprises "fool" consumers with the gimmick of "children's special paint". In terms of environmental protection, manufacturers should always look ahead, not stick to the existing standards, but constantly exceed the standards to produce products that are safe and environmentally friendly for both adults and children

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