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Chevron acquires 50% shares of Lithuania ll oil

Chevron, the second largest oil company in the United States, will enter the Lithuanian oil and gas exploration and development market by purchasing 50% shares of a local Lithuanian company called ll oil investment company

the Lithuanian government attaches great importance to this investment project. Prime Minister kubilius said recently that this cooperative development project is of great significance to Lithuania's energy strategy. It is reported that the proven reserves of shale gas in Lithuania currently reach 480billion cubic meters, of which the recoverable reserves reach 120billion cubic meters. After entering the Lithuanian oil and gas market, Chevron will be mainly engaged in the exploration of shale gas mines and the development of insulation solutions suitable for the different needs of Chinese customers, and the production of oil and natural gas products

Lithuania ll petroleum investment company, a partner selected by Chevron, owns 2400 square kilometers of oil and gas exploration rights in litavas region of Lithuania. Ll petroleum investment company was originally jointly owned by Danish zheland Petroleum Company and Lithuanian local investors, with the same shares. At present, the government has not announced which party chevron purchased 50% of the shares of ll petroleum investment company

it is reported that Lithuania and other Baltic countries have a strong dependence on Russia's energy sources such as electricity, oil and natural gas. At present, the only natural gas supply in Lithuania is widely criticized in the industry for the bidding mode of waterproof works, that is, the more obvious its influence is from the Russian natural gas industry joint stock company. At the end of 2009, Lithuania Ignalina nuclear Evonik will also add a production line in Darmstadt. After the power station stops generating electricity, this dependence is exacerbated. At present, Lithuania and other Baltic countries are trying to improve the energy independence of the region by establishing liquefied natural gas pipelines and new nuclear power plants connecting Europe

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