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Wang Jinfu, general manager of Chery heavy industries, made five proposals on behalf of the five proposals on behalf of the equipment manufacturing industry

Wang Jinfu, general manager of Chery heavy industries, on behalf of the five proposals on behalf of the five proposals on behalf of the equipment manufacturing industry

China Construction Machinery Information, From the whole equipment manufacturing industry to his precision agricultural machinery strategy, it is very unique. March 6, two

as a veteran in the heavy vehicle and machinery manufacturing industry for many years, Wang Jinfu, general manager of Chery heavy industries, made five proposals, each with its own bright spots, from macro to micro, from the entire equipment manufacturing industry to his "precision" agricultural machinery strategy

On March 6, the delegations of the two sessions continued to review the government work report. At the National People's Congress conference center located in Chenggen North Street, Xihuang, the Anhui delegation had a very heated discussion. Many delegates rushed to speak, and the host repeatedly reminded the time of speaking. Foreign media were also very interested in the Anhui delegation

Anhui Province is a big automobile province. Chery, JAC, Chery heavy industries and Valin Xingma are famous automobile enterprises in Anhui automobile territory. Anhui has also produced a number of outstanding automobile talents, many of whom are still the leaders of Chinese automobile enterprises. As a veteran in the heavy vehicle and machinery manufacturing industry for many years, Wang Jinfu's five proposals have their own bright spots, from macro to micro, from the entire equipment manufacturing industry to his "precision" agricultural machinery strategy

wangjinfu elaborated on his general idea: government reform should not only prevent "offside" but also "absent". The identity and posture of the government are very important, and can not be multi managed or ignored. In terms of government supervision and standard setting, it can not be "absent"

wangjinfu said that the government's allocation of resources is now market-centered. Mixed ownership in various forms can give enterprises more vitality and help fair competition

As a representative of the National People's Congress from the machinery and equipment manufacturing industry, he personally felt that since the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, China's economic construction and reform and opening up have entered a new period of development. Wang Jinfu is full of confidence in China's enterprise reform and future development

representative wangjinfu said: "The core of the government's transformation of functions is to properly and properly manage the things that need to be managed by the government, and put the things that do not need to be managed by the government to the market and enterprises.

the transformation of the functions of the central government has had a positive effect on the economic operation, and this effect has been quickly transmitted to the transformation of functions of local governments. For example, the changes that have taken place in Anhui: in some project approval, in the past, the declaration of important scientific and technological projects of enterprises was carried out level by level The process of level by level defense and level by level review usually involves four levels of review; Since the second half of 2013, Anhui Province and local governments have optimized the approval process of scientific and technological innovation projects. For example, the large-scale independent innovation projects submitted by the company to a general laboratory machine manufacturer are handled by the government's science and technology department in a unified manner, simplifying the application process of a large number of projects. The projects have to wait at least one month in the past, and can be concluded in three days. This has indeed improved the efficiency, and also reduced the human, financial Burden of goods, etc

representative wangjinfu said: equipment manufacturing is not only a pillar industry of China's national economy, but also a competitive industry. The main purpose of its establishment, survival and development is to make profits. Their industry characteristics are mainly market behavior. It is worth noting that at present, foreign-invested enterprises in equipment manufacturing, including excavators, loaders, cranes, industrial vehicles and agricultural machinery, are facing overcapacity and The whole industry is at the level of the middle and low-end value chain. At the technical level, the ability of independent innovation is weak, and some core technologies are controlled by others; At the market level, the middle and low-end market is the main market, and the high-end market is restricted and squeezed by foreign brands; At the level of industrial chain, the industrial concentration is not high; At the brand level, the brand competitiveness is not strong, etc

representative wangjinfu said that the transformation and upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry is imminent, and the reform of property rights and the optimization of the base of state-owned shares have become the core, which will help promote the transformation and upgrading of machinery and equipment enterprises, so as to fundamentally activate a new round of economic growth vitality in China

wangjinfu disclosed that Chery heavy industry, as a new member of China's equipment manufacturing industry, has involved agricultural equipment, engineering machinery and other industrial fields. Since its establishment, the company has continuously innovated its development concept and business model in accordance with the requirements of corporate governance and modern enterprise system, and achieved a healthy development accounting for 95% of the world's total production and sales. After the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, Chery heavy industry was faced with new development opportunities and challenges. In the face of the new situation, the company further optimized and adjusted its strategic planning and business thinking, and clearly put forward that "connotative growth, innovation driven, management upgrading and global strategy" should be taken as the business policy for 2014 and the next three years, aiming to seize the historical opportunity and mobilize the enthusiasm, creativity and Stimulate the greater vitality of the company's operation and management to meet the system and capacity needs of building a world-class enterprise

innovation drives the transformation and upgrading of the equipment manufacturing industry

Chinese enterprises represented by Zoomlion, Sany, XCMG and Weichai have set off an upsurge of overseas mergers and acquisitions, leading the overall upgrading of the brand in the product technology market of China's equipment manufacturing industry, Representative wangjinfu said: "nevertheless, on the whole, China's equipment manufacturing industry is large but not strong. Improving the scientific and technological innovation ability of equipment manufacturing and enhancing the development strength should become an important part of the national strategy.

" the equipment manufacturing industry is an important pillar of the national economy, and its quality directly affects the operation quality and efficiency of China's national economy. At present, "made in China" is turning to "created in China" Changing the general requirements to 0.2 ~ 0.4 is not only a hot topic concerned by insiders, but also a topic concerned by Chinese people. In order to achieve "creation in China", the overall transformation and upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry is imperative. " Wangjinfu said

in terms of market and technology, China's equipment manufacturing industry is restricted and squeezed by developed countries, and the whole industry is in the middle and low-end value chain. For example, for engineering machinery and automotive products, not only is the brand premium ability of China's main engine (complete vehicle) products far lower than that of international well-known brands, but also the key components such as hydraulic parts and electronic products adopted by domestic brands are heavily dependent on imports

in the 21st century, the "demographic dividend" that China's equipment manufacturing industry used to rely on is gradually losing. The center of gravity of the processing and manufacturing industry of medium and low-end products is accelerating to transfer to developing countries such as Southeast Asia. The "Reindustrialization" strategy of western developed countries has triggered a "backflow" of high-end manufacturing enterprises. China's equipment manufacturing industry is facing challenges in the global position

in addition, developed manufacturing countries take advantage of their advantages to seize the global market and China's medium and high-end markets, emerging economies accelerate the development of industries with comparative advantages, and the competition among countries around the world to seize the commanding heights of the international division of labor is becoming more intense

at the same time, China's economic growth has slowed down, the real economy has declined, and some market segments have serious overcapacity, affecting the development of equipment manufacturing industry. Take excavators as an example. According to statistics, the planned annual production capacity of Chinese excavator manufacturers is about 600000 units. In 2013, the total sales volume of excavators in China was less than 115000 units, with serious overcapacity and a continuous downturn in the industry

representative wangjinfu said: "in the face of" domestic troubles and foreign aggression ", China's equipment manufacturing industry must take a global perspective, make full use of both domestic and foreign resources and markets, adhere to innovation driven, and quickly carry out transformation and upgrading."

therefore, representative wangjinfu put forward a series of suggestions:

first, with differentiated financial policies and services, guide more funds to the real economy, reduce industrial differentiation, and promote the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing industry

second, promote the adjustment of industrial structure around the advantages and strengths of China's equipment manufacturing industry; Policies should be formulated according to local conditions, with the industrial chain as the center, to achieve characteristic development

third, encourage the development of the midfield industry, realize the standardized and modular production of parts and components in the equipment manufacturing industry, and improve the supporting service capacity of parts and components. Attach great importance to improving the system and total complete set capacity of equipment manufacturing industry, and improve the technical level, quality and performance of single machine

fourth, we should effectively break the preference of ownership, rationally allocate public resources, and promote fair market competition among enterprises of different ownership

fifth, guide enterprises to change their development mode, so that enterprises can change from simply pursuing scale expansion to focusing on technology, quality and efficiency, from providing products to providing services and solutions, from the middle and low end of the value chain to the high end of the value chain, and from squeezing the environment to being environment-friendly

sixth, increase support for innovative enterprises, promote enterprises to jointly tackle key industrial bottlenecks, promote the transformation of innovative achievements, provide policy support and tax incentives in the industrialization and promotion of advanced and applicable innovative achievements, and strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights

seventh, encourage enterprises to fully integrate the innovation resources available globally, pay attention to the digestion and absorption of introduced technologies, and form their own comparative and local advantages in innovation

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