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Child protective and elder friendly blister card packaging

[patent name] child protective and elder friendly blister card packaging

[applicant] Wade e · Williams Hartmann

[inventor] wade · e · Williams Hartmann

[address of the main applicant] New Jersey

[application No.] 3

[application date] March 17, 2004

[approval Announcement No.]

[approval announcement date] May 31, 2006

[main classification No.] b65d3/04 (2006.01) i

[classification No.] b65d3/04 (2006.01) i

[priority items] jointly give play to the advantages of high energy density of RMB 3 materials and low cost until the end of 2020, 2003.3.20 us 10/394495; 2004.3.12 us 10/799199

[sovereignty item] 1 A device for encapsulating at least one target contained in a bump for timely removal includes: a front panel having at least one hole; And a rear panel having at least one removable portion having at least two cuts along its circumference; It is characterized in that at least one of the two cuts defines the removable part, and at least one of the two cuts provides a path for facilitating the cleaning and removal of the removable part

[cd-rom no. of instructions] d

[international application] pct/us2004/008023

[international publication] wo2004/085266 en

[Abstract] the invention is a cheap and easy to manufacture novel child protective elderly friendly blister card packaging. The package needs a push peel push method to open, which is challenging for the cognitive and physical abilities of children and adults with intellectual impairment. However, a competent adult can easily open the package, especially after reading the instructions. More specifically, opening the package requires the user to: 1) push out the hole to form a pull sheet (701); 2) Pulling the moving piece upward to remove the plate (303); And 3) pushing the convex bubble (102) to force the contents through the sealing of the convex bubble. Moreover, the package is designed to be tear resistant and can stop tearing. The most common items tested by universal testing machine are tensile strength and tensile modulus, flexural strength and modulus extension. Advantageously, the present invention is designed so that information such as instructions and product information can be easily printed directly on the package. Moreover, the user can directly record information on the package. Therefore, the present invention not only provides child protective and elder friendly features, but also provides convenience for viewing and recording information

[agent] patent and Trademark Office of China Council for the promotion of international trade

[agent] Dongmin

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