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Children's furniture has fallen into the "pollution gate" of materials and painting

children's furniture has fallen into the "pollution gate" of materials and painting

February 24, 2011

[China paint information] children's furniture, which has worried parents, has recently fallen into the "pollution gate", and the environmental protection problem is the most worrying. Guangdong Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision has just released the results of special supervision and spot check on three products: Children's toys, children's clothing and children's furniture. The results showed that 138 batches were qualified, and the batch qualification rate was 68.3%. The 12 batches that were only identified as unqualified were eliminated, and the internal quality qualification rate was 74.3%. How to ensure the safe use of children's furniture has become the focus of attention


heavy metal pollution is serious

this spot check found that the qualified rate of children's wooden cabinets is the lowest, only 59.5%. This time, it was found that the formaldehyde emission of three batches of products exceeded the standard requirements, and the heavy metals of two batches of products exceeded the standard. Heavy metals in furniture mainly include lead, cadmium and chromium, which are harmful to human body, especially children. Model 301 children's bedside table produced by a furniture Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen, the measured value of soluble lead was 3560 mg/kg, nearly 40 times higher than the standard requirements. In addition, the measured value of soluble chromium was 772 mg/kg, nearly 13 times higher than the standard requirements

according to the quality inspection department, 53 unqualified enterprises have been ordered to rectify. At present, a total of 131 unqualified products have been recalled. The 11 children's products manufacturing enterprises found to have potential safety hazards and unqualified toxic and harmful indicators have been transferred to the inspection department for investigation and punishment according to law


most of the test reports did not detect "heavy metals"

in some household stores in Beijing, it was found that the test reports provided by many children's furniture brands did not detect heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, chromium and mercury. As for the question of whether the furniture contained heavy metals, the salesperson explained that the test items stipulated by the state and the test reports were all available. The salesperson also said that his own brand uses water-based paint, so there will be no pollution

in this regard, Luo Xin, executive deputy director of the national household and indoor environment inspection center, proposed that colored paint contains more or less heavy metals, and if the content is within the specified range of the standard, it will not cause harm to human body. Heavy metal content up to standard is a national mandatory standard, but it is not common to submit for inspection at present. In fact, heavy metal detection is relatively simple, and the cost of single heavy metal detection is only about 500 yuan

expert voice

the standards for children's furniture are incomplete

Zhu Changling, vice president of China Furniture Association, said when analyzing the overall quality of children's furniture that at present, China has no quality standards specifically for children's furniture. As a category of furniture, children's furniture and other furniture products are subject to random inspection by the quality inspection department. It is understood that at present, the quality inspection items and indicators of children's furniture are the same as those of adult furniture. There is no special standard for children's furniture. The limit value of toxic and harmful substances is also based on the standard of adult furniture, and the use safety of teenagers and young children is not fully considered. If you need more information, please call us. The threshold of furniture industry is relatively low, and there is no clear industry standard for children's furniture in the industry. At present, some enterprises can only conduct production supervision according to export experience and standards

key tips

prevention of formaldehyde pollution

children spend 80% of their time indoors. During their growth and development, their respiratory volume is 50% higher than that of adults by weight. Therefore, children are more vulnerable to indoor air pollution than adults. The furniture smell that adults are not easy to detect may have unconsciously affected the children's respiratory quality. "Safety first" is the primary requirement for the quality of children's furniture. Some wood-based panel furniture, composite floors, indoor decorative fabrics and children's toys will have formaldehyde pollution problems. On the one hand, select materials that meet or even surpass the national standards in the decoration of children's rooms. On the other hand, strengthen the indoor environmental universality, environmental detection and purification of children's rooms, and strengthen the ventilation of children's rooms whose production cycle is about one week. When choosing colored cloth to decorate a child's room, remember to soak the newly bought cloth in water for a period of time, rinse it repeatedly, and then use it after drying. At the same time, air purifier can be selected to purify formaldehyde in indoor environment

refuse heavy metal pollution

the survey found that 80% of children's lead pollution was related to their living environment, indoor environment and drinking water. Lead in the air mainly enters the human body in the form of dust and smoke through the respiratory tract and the absorption duct. Lead pollution not only directly endangers children, but also endangers the fetus, and even enters the fetus through the mother. A case of severe lead poisoning was found in a one-day-old baby in Beijing. Lead pollution in indoor environment comes from home decoration materials, household goods, toys and so on. Many decorative materials, such as wood coatings and interior wall coatings, contain lead. Some families like to decorate their rooms, especially children's rooms, in colorful colors, which is more likely to cause lead pollution in the air of the rooms. If some PVC drinking water pipes and fittings are used at home without subsequent treatment, it is easy to cause lead pollution in drinking water

environmental protection action

Jimei provides free testing

on June 1, Jimei home, together with the member companies of egger board, such as Yifeng furniture, Guoan Jiamei, Elvis Presley, Kebao Boloni, and Feimei, solemnly promised the whole society: "you test, I'll pay the bill". For the sake of children, please pay attention to good quality and environmental protection. This is the best holiday gift for children

zhaojianguo, President of Jimei home appliances, said that since the date of the release of Jimei's "free testing" commitment, all consumers who shop in Jimei home appliances' stores in Beijing, if they have disputes about the quality and environmental protection coefficient of the purchased goods, and the consumers put forward testing requirements, will be funded by Jimei group for testing first

Jimei invested to set up a special testing fund in the national furniture and indoor environmental quality supervision and inspection center to compensate consumers and manufacturers for testing fees in advance

when the products submitted by consumers for inspection are unqualified or have serious quality and environmental protection problems, Jimei has advanced funds first, so consumers do not need to bear any testing costs. In case of quality problems, the manufacturer shall take full responsibility, and Jimei shall investigate the problem manufacturer

at the same time, when the product submitted by the consumer for inspection meets the quality and environmental protection indicators specified by the state, and is comprehensively judged as qualified, the manufacturer of the product does not need to bear any cost. Jimei, in a highly responsible attitude, still bears two-thirds of the product inspection fee, and the consumer himself bears one-third of the inspection fee

environmental protection home decoration technology guarantee the "environmental protection home decoration triple protection system" launched by

promises "full refund for non environmental protection". Recently, Yezhifeng decoration announced to jointly build a "Joint Research Center for interior decoration and environmental protection technology" with the Chinese society of Environmental Sciences. The Chinese society of Environmental Sciences has the largest environmental protection science and technology organization and scientific research and technology team in China, and will provide Yezhifeng with more advanced environmental protection technology for interior decoration technology and technical support for indoor air pollution prevention and control

the problem of home decoration pollution has long been criticized by owners and insiders, but it has not been properly solved due to the complex design links, diverse material selection and uneven construction technical standards of home decoration. Yezhifeng launched the "environmental protection home decoration triple protection system", which promises to ensure the safety of families and children. The first step of home decoration is to ensure that the whole decoration process is pollution-free; "Environmental protection pre assessment system" to prevent cumulative pollution caused by excessive use of decoration materials; Four system modules are formed in the four aspects of process quality, material quality, environmental quality and management quality, so that various hazardous substances can be controlled from the source; The third protection is to prevent residues. Negative oxygen ion trigger agent is used to remove the possible residual pollution in the room

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