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Is children's lacquer a false proposition? The key to adjust the wall finish for children is to look at the data.

is children's paint a false proposition? The key to adjust the wall finish for children is to look at the data

December 18, 2015

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focus on children's room

parents who buy furniture for their children are usually prone to two mistakes: first, they do not distinguish between children's furniture and adult furniture, and second, they simply equate children's furniture with small size, cartoon and colorful furniture. In fact, children's furniture is a sensitive and scientific field. Good children's furniture should not only be environment-friendly and safe, but also not add chaos to children's growth; It should also be reasonably designed so that even the smallest children's room can meet the four functions of living, receiving, learning and playing; Most importantly, children's home is also closely related to their physical and mental health and the development of behavior habits. Dear parents, check, is your children's room "qualified"

safety is the lowest and highest requirement that almost every parent will put forward when decorating the children's room. Therefore, other parts of the decoration can be handed over to the designer, but the wall paint of the children's room must be consulted, carefully verified and purchased after it is determined to be safe. Major brands in the market have also launched more environmentally friendly "children's paint" to meet the market demand. However, designers who are familiar with the material market are not optimistic about children's paint

there is no national standard for "children's paint"

"basically every customer will attach great importance to the environmental protection of the children's room. No matter how much the decoration budget is, the children's room must be the most heavily invested." Hu Li, an independent designer, said in an interview that, in fact, most parents know very little about environmental protection and choose products based on price, which will make them feel more at ease. Therefore, the vast majority of families buy coatings based on the theme expressed by the merchants during the promotion

"although 'children's paint' is everywhere in the market, such as children's bamboo charcoal paint, children's diatom mud paint, etc., in fact, there is no national standard for children's paint, that is to say, the so-called 'children's paint' is a false proposition." Li nianxi, Huaxun decoration designer, also said that "theoretically" children's paint should be more environmentally friendly than ordinary paint, but it needs to rely on the integrity of the business. Although the harmful substance release of some "children's paint" is lower than the national standard, the state has not given clear guidance on how much is better and better. Therefore, there is no way to ensure that "children's paint" will be more environmentally friendly. "I personally believe that this is more of a marketing tool for businesses." Hu Li said that different brands in the market have launched children's paint, which is to better meet the parents' need for more environmentally friendly and healthier children's special paint. The price of these "children's paints" is often 100-200 yuan higher than that of ordinary paints, or even doubled

imported paint or better choice

since "children's paint" is a false proposition, what kind of paint is suitable for children's room

Li nianxi stressed that although there is no national standard for children's paint, paint products that meet national regulations, obtain relevant environmental protection certification and can be legally sold on the market should be environmentally safe. They must comply with the lowest national environmental protection standards for coatings. Therefore, brand coatings sold through formal channels can generally be used safely

of course, parents always want to use more environmentally friendly products for their children. How can we choose more environmentally friendly products? Li nianxi said that first of all, we should choose products of big brands and regular channels. Big brands are relatively more guaranteed, and "Shanzhai" coatings are not uncommon in the market. It is suggested that it is safer to buy them from regular channels

in addition, it is necessary to understand the environmental protection indicators of coatings, such as formaldehyde, benzene, VOC, etc. theoretically, the lower the value of these items, the more environmentally friendly the product will be. Parents can choose to buy after horizontal comparison. Compared with the "children's paint" in line with the national standard, designers prefer to choose imported paint. Hu Li said that in recent years, more and more imported paint brands have entered China, such as master paint, Dufang paint, Fenlin paint, etc. "It does not mean that imported products must be good, but the production standards of these products are more stringent. Only German enterprises in the world can achieve certification and verification, which is more authoritative." She thinks. Li nianxi also said that there is no concept of children's paint in foreign countries, but the environmental requirements for coatings are very high, especially for products that meet the EU standards, they can almost reach the food grade standards, and the certification is strict

does diatom mud absorb formaldehyde? The designer does not recommend the use of

in addition to the more environmentally friendly "children's paint", diatom mud wall materials that can "absorb formaldehyde" are also a sales hot spot in recent years. Is there a more environmentally friendly and safe solution for children's walls than traditional coatings

"at present, there are three mainstream wall treatment methods, one is traditional paint, one is wallpaper, one is artistic paint, and diatom mud is the last one." Hu Li said that the wallpaper itself will also release pollutants, and the glue used to paste the wallpaper will also release formaldehyde, which is not more environmentally friendly than traditional coatings. Art coatings, such as diatom modified PBT special materials for energy-saving lamps, typical physical properties of surface mud, etc., are mixed in the market because there is no unified national standard. Whether the product is good or effective basically depends on the integrity of the business. Therefore, generally, these materials are used for the background wall, and the designer usually does not recommend using them in the children's room

Li nianxi said that there are still some new materials, such as diatom mud tiles. Ceramic tiles fired at high temperature are relatively safer, and the release of harmful substances is effectively controlled. At the same time, the use of diatom mud material has a certain function of adsorbing pollutants, which is a new choice for the wall of children's room

children's room safety = environmental protection? NO! Design safety is the easiest to be ignored

do you think that if you choose environmentally friendly paint, children will be at ease when they live in the children's room? no This is just the prelude to the children's room security war

according to the feedback of several designers, parents often only pay attention to the problem of formaldehyde and ignore the design safety. Are there any bumps on the edge of the table? Is the children's furniture stable enough? Is there an anti pinch design for the cabinet These are closely related to the safety of children. The senior children's furniture craft designer listed 5 design safety details that must be paid attention to in children's room, which can be used as a reference for parents to select children's furniture


table edges should be rounded.

children live in their own small space. In addition to fighting the "chemical" danger of pollutants such as formaldehyde, they may also face "physical" injuries such as bumping against table corners and being pinched by cabinets. Therefore, the scientific design of children's furniture is particularly important

in the past, children's furniture design did not pay attention to design issues. Since August 2012, China launched the first national mandatory standard for children's furniture general technical conditions for children's furniture, the market situation has been improved to a certain extent. Heyiwen, a process designer of cool Manju, said that the standard makes strict provisions on the structural safety of children's furniture for the first time

among them, the rounding of furniture edges is a basic requirement. Including learning desks, cabinet edges, etc., try not to have sharp corners to prevent bumps. Therefore, the edge of the desk is designed into an arc, and an arc-shaped storage cabinet is added to one side of the wardrobe, which can avoid the risk of collision to a certain extent

he Yiwen said that the emergence of the standard not only standardized the minimum requirements for structural safety of children's furniture, but also provided consumers with purchase guidance. The products that follow the regulations and pay more attention to the details are more suitable for children. For example, some good products not only fillet the two corners of the desk near the person, but also the two corners on the other side. In this way, even if the desk moves, or the desk is not against the wall, it can avoid the risk of collision


ventilation should be reserved inside the closed cabinet

although the state has issued the mandatory general technical conditions for children's furniture, in the children's furniture market where supervision is not in place and there are good and bad people, we can often see non-standard children's furniture design. The ventilation problem of the cabinet is a design that is often neglected. Heyiwen said that the media had reported cases of children playing hide and seek and suffocating in the wardrobe before

therefore, when designing cabinets, regular children's furniture usually leaves a circular vent on the door panel at the back. Some cabinets also choose to leave space at the cabinet door, which can not only be used as a handle, but also maintain ventilation in the cabinet to avoid suffocation of children. Similarly, good brand products not only have vents in large wardrobes, but also have safety vents in small (children can climb in) airtight cabinets

although the stability of tips3

furniture in 2016 is the most likely to be ignored

the stability of furniture is undoubtedly the most difficult point for parents to consider. Because children are naturally active and like to play, they may climb cabinets and push furniture. If the cabinet itself is not firm enough, or the table is not stable enough, there may be a risk of injury

therefore, good children's furniture should focus on stability, especially large furniture. "Generally, the back plate of 3mm-8mm is used for the wardrobe, while the back plate of 16mm is insisted by kumanju. Although the production cost will be increased, this design is based on safety considerations." Heyiwen said that in addition, we will embed plates in the side of the desk and make the corner of the desk into an "L" shape, which is also to make the furniture more stable. Even if we shake and push it vigorously, it is not easy to fall down


cabinets should be equipped with damping buffer and anti pinch design

especially in families with young children, the anti pinch design of cabinets, drawers and other furniture also needs special attention from parents. If there is no anti pinch design in the wardrobe, the children may not be able to collect and dispose such a large amount of scattered garbage as on land because of the special water environment of the sea; The drawer has no anti pinch design. If you accidentally push the door too hard, you may pinch your fingers. Therefore, for a good children's cabinet design, the closing mode of the cabinet door should be equipped with a damping buffer device. The cabinet door will buffer and slow down before closing to prevent hand injury

in addition, it is recommended that cabinets with a certain height, such as drawer cabinets under desks, wall hanging cabinets, etc., should preferably be in the form of hidden handles or touch switches to avoid bumping when playing


cordless curtains prevent entanglement to avoid suffocation of children

there have been media reports about cases of suffocation caused by children being entangled by curtain ropes. Since then, more and more designers will pay attention to this problem. When parents buy curtains for children's rooms, do not choose the design with pull cord. If the Roman curtain, organ curtain, shutter curtain and other designs must be adopted, the use of rope control and the length of the rope should be considered. It is more recommended that parents choose the simplest cloth curtain that can be directly pushed and pulled by hand

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