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200 robots independently developed by Chery have been put into use

recently, it was learned from Chery that 200 robots independently developed by Chery have been put into use one after another, which marks that the advanced automotive technology and equipment independently developed and manufactured by Chery has officially formed a large-scale application, and is in the forefront of China's automotive manufacturing equipment technology, which still has a large market space for the development of the extruder industry. This will play an important role in promoting Chery's production equipment technology and product quality and realizing the transformation and development of the enterprise

if a worker wants to be good at something, he must first sharpen his tools. Industrial robot and robot integrated application technology is an important embodiment of the automation level in advanced manufacturing equipment, and also an important symbol to measure the industrial development level of a country. In the world, industrial robots have become a kind of standard equipment and have been widely used. However, China has not really formed a large-scale industrial robot industry. Not only do the products rely on a large number of imports from abroad, but also rely on foreign countries in terms of maintenance, renovation and transformation. The number of 'phases' in the alloy under different heat treatment systems is inspected by s (3) 400 tungsten filament scanning electron microscope The size and distribution of vehicles are particularly prominent. The high cost of procurement, maintenance and spare parts has increased the cost of China's automobile manufacturing industry and restricted the development of China's national automobile industry due to the high price to a certain extent

in order to meet the growing demand and break the restriction and monopoly of foreign products on the development of China's automobile industry. In 2007, Chery began to cooperate with domestic robot research institutions to develop industrial robots and key components, explore the industrialization of independent industrial robots in addition to the development of independent brand cars, and form a Chinese industrial robot brand

according to the relevant person in charge of Chery, since the establishment of the company's robot project, through the continuous and repeated process of product development, batch application, continuous improvement, and re promotion and application, it has now entered the stage of large-scale application, and many indicators of the product have reached the advanced level of similar foreign products. In recent years, the auto automatic manufacturing equipment independently researched and developed by the company has won many awards, among which the key technology and complete sets of equipment for friction conveying of automobile assembly line have won the second prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award; Er165c-c10 industrial robot and low-noise skid conveyor are recognized as provincial-level new products; In 2009, the 165kg industrial spot welding robot developed by the company was listed in the new record of Chinese enterprises. At the same time, the company has also undertaken a number of national science and technology projects, including 4 863 programs, 2 national major science and technology special programs, and 2 National Development and Reform Commission smart manufacturing special programs

item 5. Paper tensile testing machine: before the paper needs to be tested for tensile strength, ring compression strength, vertical compression, horizontal compression, edge compression and peel strength, Chery has built the first batch robot assembly line in China, with an annual production capacity of 1000 units and an annual production and sales scale of more than 200 units. In recent years, the annual sales revenue has increased by 80%, and the number of installed machines in the actual market ranks first among the self owned brand robots in China. The six degree of freedom series industrial robot products successfully developed by the company have been successfully applied by many enterprises, such as Chery Automobile, JAC automobile and Midea refrigeration. According to Chery's development plan, Chery will build the company into an industrial robot industrialization base with initial scale in the next three years, with an annual output of 1000 sets in the first phase. At present, 130million yuan has been invested in the construction of the industrialization base, and the robot assembly line has been put into trial operation

Chery welding line is the first intelligent industrial robot welding automation production line with independent intellectual property rights that has reached the world's advanced level. It adopts domestic robot automatic welding, high-speed roller + accompanying fixture transportation, and OpenGate flexible main assembly mode, which can realize the flexible production of BIW with 3 platforms and more than 6 models, breaking the restriction and monopoly of foreign products on us. In addition, key intelligent components such as domestic robot servo driver, control system and reducer are also used in the project. It is planned to complete the integration of the entire M16 and other vehicle welding production lines in december2014

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