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The Beijing door exhibition has ended perfectly, and my "door" is far away

the 17th China International Door Industry Exhibition was grandly held in Beijing from March 21 to 24. This time, Haomai, with its eye-catching products, stunned four customers and attracted countless customers, which was widely praised by people in the industry and consumers

in the four-day exhibition, from the perspective of the flow of people on site, the popularity of Haomai wooden door exhibition hall is unabated, the pageantry is unprecedented, and the number of on-site bill signing also continues to rise. At the same time, the heroic sales elites are always waiting by each visitor's side to answer your concerns and doubts, and join the heroic brand to add strength

while participating in the exhibition, there is also good news. Haomai wooden door participated in the award ceremony held at the 17th China International Door Industry Exhibition and was honored again, and was rated as the "consumer favorite brand" of 2017-2018. No pains, no gains, the brand influence of Haomai wooden door can not be underestimated. With the accumulation, we can show our true colors

Haomai wooden door was rated as "consumer favorite brand". Xie Jiangping, the marketing director, took the stage to receive the award (third from the right)

for Haomai wooden door, one fulcrum can pry the whole market! Thanks to the National Consumers' recognition and trust in Haomai wooden door, all the honors are the driving force driving our "door" forward. Haomai's customized product system of wooden door + whole wood is committed to creating a beautiful home living environment for consumers

focus on the exhibition, wonderful reproduction

one of the highlights of this door exhibition, Xiaobian felt that the display of the light box effect was a work of merit, and became a bright pen in the exhibition hall design. Haomai this time incorporated the light box effect into the exhibition hall design, creating a fashionable and elegant atmosphere, and also catered to consumers' pursuit of modern fashion home

when visitors step into the heroic exhibition hall, the effect of the light box comes into view. The light boxes are respectively located in the three prominent positions of the exhibition window, the double slide door and the main gate parapet, which also drive the vitality and vitality of various series of products around, so that the viewer can experience a different visual experience

the most simple and light luxury

in recent years, Haomai has continuously upgraded and innovated its product series and worked towards a younger and more fashionable design direction. At the same time, we are also passing on the concept of healthy and environmentally friendly home to consumers, creating a quiet home living environment and enjoying life quietly. My "door" is more attentive

light colored wooden door AB, one table, one chair, one door and one bed, can place the restless mood of the residents

the insertion of wooden door + half height parapet also reflects the heroic admiration for quality life. Visitors will unconsciously want to embrace the bed when they enter the room, enjoy the light luxury home time and feel the taste of home

life aesthetics "wooden door + decoration"

is popular at present, attracting countless visitors. Walking into the Haomai wooden door decoration area, you will feel a natural aesthetics that has not been blended with the home. With the quality of exquisite craftsmanship to create products that belong to the heroic true self style, the integration of every detail is almost harsh. Qianqiu keeps one mind, and Haomai wooden door uses "heart" to deliver personalized, fashionable and healthy household products (whole wood customization, your taste is my imagination)

focus on the exhibition, and the door sound is far-reaching.

the door industry market has always been "biased" against wooden door brands in the western region, especially in Chongqing. Haomai wooden door participated in the exhibition on behalf of Chongqing brand, which is also the endorsement of Chongqing wooden door brand and the rectification of its name. From this exhibition, we also witnessed that Haomai wooden door is as popular as northern wooden door brand. The slogan of trench faction's support and win-win in the 100 billion market also revealed the heroic wooden door's ambition to target the national market

feel the life aesthetics given by the heroic wooden door, which makes my "door" sound far away





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