How to decorate a 75 square meter house

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How to make the decoration of a 75 square meter house bigger? Color selection

color has a great impact on the visual effect of space size. Small apartment decoration should use more light colors. A unified light color tone can make the space look more spacious, such as white, beige and other colors, and light colors make people more comfortable and not easy to produce irritability

how to make the decoration of a 75 square meter house larger? Choose more transparent materials. For example, when decorating the living room, try to reduce the spacing. You can use more transparent materials such as glass or crystal, which will make the space brighter and the living room larger. When cutting off, it is recommended to make soft partitions as much as possible, such as ceiling with different materials to achieve space division

how to choose furniture for the decoration of a 75 square meter house

the selection of furniture for small houses should be simplified. The living room area is not large, so you can choose some small sofas and stools. When placing furniture, try to avoid centralized placement, and make the space a little sparse, dense and easy to give people the feeling of chaos and crowding. Some furniture with contraction and extension effect is more suitable for small living rooms

75 square meters house decoration how to show big light use

light shadow effect is an important performance of space design, clever use of space can also make the space appear larger, let the light gently shine on the ceiling of the living room from bottom to top, and avoid direct projection on the face

How can the decoration of a 75 square meter house be used? there may be dead corners in the room, which seems to be difficult to use, and it is easy to cause waste if not used. Small house decoration can use the dead corners, such as customizing small furniture according to the spatial pattern, placing flowers and plants, etc

How can the decoration of a 75 square meter house be large? Use mirrors to double the space. Using mirrors can also double the space of the small living room visually. Hanging a large mirror on the wall opposite the entrance can reflect the scene of the whole house, which seems to double the living room, or installing glass on both sides of the long and narrow room can also have a good effect

the above are some decoration skills for small house decoration. Whether it is 75 square meters or other small house types, you can decorate skillfully when decorating, and 75 square meters can also be installed with the effect of 100 square meters

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