There are different ways to choose wood flooring,

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The tones of the floor and the wall echo, and the delicate texture of the floor is in harmony with the simple decoration style, with an elegant and generous overall effect. The blanket on the floor brings some natural flavor to the refined interior design

different kinds of wooden floors have different selection methods. In addition to requiring businesses to provide formal test reports, we can also use some simple methods to test

it should be noted that some display methods in the building materials market are not credible, such as soaking the material in water to show that it is waterproof and does not deform, which is actually misleading. In fact, all wooden floors cannot be soaked in water. Although the material will be soaked in water during the destructive experiment of quality inspection, this does not mean that the wooden floor we buy can withstand long-term immersion

in order to meet the needs of daily life, waterproof measures have been taken for the wooden floor, but the wooden floor still cannot withstand serious soaking. Because the internal cell structure of wood determines its wet expansion and dry shrinkage characteristics, but the shrinkage and expansion coefficients of different floors are different, so all wood floors should be avoided from being soaked in water. The so-called "not afraid of water" does not mean "not deformed"

1. Poor water resistance will cause obvious expansion around the floor and cause floor arching. Moisture content is an important factor that directly affects the dimensional stability of the floor. Generally, the moisture content of wood floor should be consistent with the local moisture content, otherwise the floor will have different degrees of dimensional changes when the environment changes. Therefore, we should pay attention to whether the moisture content of the selected floor meets the requirements of national standards when purchasing

2. Flame retardancy because the flame retardancy of wood floor cannot be required too high, a simple test method can be placed on the floor surface with cigarettes. After the combustion is completed, the floor has no traces that cannot be removed. If there are no cracks, black spots, bubbles, it means that the flame retardancy is qualified

3. The glued solid wood floor adopts natural wood without any bonding treatment. The solid wood composite floor is made by hot pressing with adhesive coated plate surface, so the bonding performance is an important quality index of the product, which will directly affect the use function and service life of the product

4. Formaldehyde content solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring contain a certain amount of formaldehyde in the adhesive, which will be gradually released to the surrounding environment in gaseous form. When people are in an environment with high formaldehyde concentration, discomfort will occur in eyes, nasal cavity and respiratory tract, endangering their health

5. Wear resistance laminate flooring has good wear resistance because there is a wear-resistant layer on its surface. The 6000~18000r we see in the product description indicates the wear resistance, which also corresponds to the content of corundum abrasive in its wear-resistant layer. The national standard stipulates that products with more than 6000r are suitable for domestic use, while those in public places must be more than 9000r

6 the difference between paint treatment and laminate flooring is that the panel surface of solid wood flooring and solid wood composite flooring is painted, and the paint surface should be checked to be uniform, bright and smooth when selecting. No paint leakage, bubble or crack





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