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Sinoma's "research and development of glass fiber filter paper industrialization technology" project passed the appraisal and acceptance

recently, organized by Jiangsu Provincial Economic and Trade Commission and presided over by Nanjing Municipal Economic Commission, a new technology appraisal and Acceptance Meeting of "research and development of glass fiber filter paper industrialization technology" was held in Sinoma's Shuangwei business department. The project is a Nanjing Technological Innovation subsidy project declared by Sinoma Technology Co., Ltd. in 2006 and approved by Nanjing Economic Commission. The project aims to improve the technical quality of filter paper, increase production capacity, timely repair and improve market share, and provide high-quality glass fiber filter materials for international well-known filter manufacturers Camfil, Cambridge, AAF, Korean CTI, etc. After two years of efforts, Shuangwei business department successfully completed the project task

at the appraisal and acceptance meeting, the project team reported the development background, process, achievements and technological innovations of the project to the expert committee. The experts reviewed relevant technical data such as technical summary, technical and economic analysis report, test report and application report, and inspected the production site. After careful evaluation, the expert group fully affirmed the project and agreed that the project has adopted advanced processes and technologies to build a 1000 ton glass fiber filter paper production line with an annual output of 1000 tons. The filtration resistance, stiffness, strength and other indicators of the products have approached or reached the international advanced level. The product market should be useful, with broad prospects and good economic and social benefits, It is agreed that the project has passed the new technology appraisal. At the same time, constructive opinions and suggestions were also put forward on in-depth research and further promotion of fr.10 material to provide large flat shape (maximum 1.0 MX 1.4 m) or shape

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