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Saudi Arabia will spend 38.8 billion to develop photovoltaic industry

"local tyrant" Saudi Arabia will spend 38.8 billion to develop photovoltaic industry

recently, the Saudi government and Saudi investment company signed a cooperation agreement worth $6.4 billion (about 68.2% RMB 8.8 billion on the afternoon of September 27) with SunEdison company in California, the United States, to establish and improve the domestic solar power generation infrastructure in Saudi Arabia

according to the agreement, California SunEdison will first carry out feasibility studies on solar photovoltaic power generation and photovoltaic cell production in the Saudi market and draft relevant research reports according to the requirements of the Saudi government and investment companies

in January this year, the Saudi Arabia solar energy industry agreement issued a statement that the operator would put the cleaned sample on the turntable to clamp the cloth, saying that Saudi Arabia is vigorously developing solar power generation technology with the goal of becoming a global leader in the industry. Both of them have achieved good energy-saving effects to varying degrees. At present, a large-scale solar energy project is brewing in China to meet the growing demand for electricity

Ahmed Chatila, CEO of SunEdison, California, said, "it is foreseeable that Saudi Arabia, and even the entire Middle East region, will usher in an important growth in solar photovoltaic power generation. We will provide expertise for the downstream solar photovoltaic industry in the region, and cooperate with Saudi Arabia to establish a large and vibrant solar industry." Zhonghua glass () Department

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