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Dalian heavy industry: strengthen the "big name" industry and consolidate the status of "national team"

electromechanical; Famous electromechanical enterprises; manufacturing Industry information; Market quotation Dalian Huarui Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dalian heavy industry) is a large backbone enterprise in the field of major technical equipment development in China's heavy machinery industry and one of the seven national heavy machinery enterprises. This heavy equipment manufacturing enterprise, known as the mother plant of China's machinery industry and the cradle of China's lifting machinery, has grown with the growth of the Republic

in October 1949, amid the salute of the founding of the Republic, the first hook bridge crane in New China was born in Dalian heavy industry (the former Dalian lifting machinery factory), which opened the precedent of crane manufacturing in China. In the 70 years of the Republic of China, Dalian heavy industry has provided more than 6 million tons of technical equipment for the construction of key projects in various periods of the country and customers at home and abroad, creating 242 first places in China. Today, Dalian heavy industry has become a comprehensive major equipment manufacturing enterprise group integrating high-end R & D, design, manufacturing and service. Its business scale and operation quality have always been in the forefront of domestic enterprises in the same industry. On the eve of national day, Dalian heavy industry has independently developed the first set of 8~10 MW offshore wind turbine castings with the largest capacity in China, breaking through the bottleneck of the development of national large offshore wind power core castings

adhere to the strategic positioning of high-quality development

under the new situation of deeply promoting the comprehensive revitalization of the Northeast in the new era and accelerating the construction of the two priority areas in Dalian, Dalian heavy industry has made it clear to be a strong brand, consolidate the position of local state-owned enterprises as the national team, unswervingly promote the strategic positioning of high-quality development, and take the lead and set an example in serving the national strategic deployment. This strategic positioning includes the following three aspects

become an important force for independent innovation of core technology. As the main body of scientific and technological innovation, Dalian heavy industry continues to make breakthroughs in key common technologies and cutting-edge leading technologies. Form a long-term mechanism for scientific and technological innovation through system construction, and lead and drive the rapid development of new technologies, new products and new industries. Accelerate the transformation and application of innovative achievements, and realize the one-stop transformation of technological breakthroughs, product manufacturing and industrial development. Since the 18th CPC National Congress, Dalian heavy industry, as one of the first batch of innovative enterprises in the country, has mastered a large number of key core technologies, such as large-scale marine crankshaft processing and manufacturing technology, coke oven machinery intelligent decision-making and remote diagnosis technology, large-scale casting technology of megawatt hydropower units, and has undertaken 11 major science and technology projects of the national development and Reform Commission and more than 30 major equipment localization research projects at the national, provincial and ministerial levels Warehousing and logistics, handling vehicles and other fields took the lead in realizing the intelligent upgrading of products, and promoted the overall leap of the whole industrial chain

become an important force to participate in the construction of the the Belt and Road. 6. Reverse the metallographic microscope and try not to move. Dalian heavy industry vigorously implements the international business strategy focusing on the the Belt and Road. It has gradually formed a strong system integration ability and a relatively perfect market layout of the the Belt and Road, and created a world-famous brand of Dalian heavy industry and a demonstration worker kiefel, such as the Roy Hill project in Australia. The packaging business of kiefel is maintaining a single digit organic growth process, and can provide full life cycle management and integrated technical services for overseas high-end customers. Its products are distributed in 91 countries and regions around the world, The sales revenue of foreign businesses accounts for more than 30% of the company's total revenue

become an important force to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. Dalian heavy industry adheres to the upgrading of traditional industries and the cultivation of strategic new industries. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it has created 44 Chinese firsts, occupying a leading position in many fields, such as 10000 ton stacker reclaimer, environmental protection intelligent coke oven, large megawatt wind power core parts, new generation nuclear power lifting equipment, large marine crankshaft, heavy driverless AGV vehicles, and becoming the largest large marine crankshaft Nuclear power lifting equipment and wind power core parts suppliers. In particular, a number of major special achievements, such as the completed fast project feed cable drive mechanism and the world's first largest w1292 marine crankshaft, highlight the responsibility of a large country

be the leader in implementing the new development concept

the new development concept of innovation, coordination, green, openness and sharing is the fundamental and inevitable choice for Dalian heavy industry to become a powerful brand and consolidate the national team. Dalian heavy industry adheres to smart transformation, innovation driven, building its own brand, achieving high-quality development in the competition to catch up with and surpass the advanced manufacturing industry in Europe and the United States, and accumulating experience that can be used for reference

adhere to the guidance of innovation and cultivate new drivers of development. Vigorously promote the innovation of science and technology, management, institutional mechanisms and business models, deploy the innovation chain around the industrial chain, give full play to the advantages in multiple fields horizontally, strengthen the professional research and development capabilities in the manufacturing service sector, mechanical transmission sector, electrical control sector, marine engineering equipment sector, energy conservation and environmental protection sector, and promote comprehensive integration; Vertically give full play to the integrated advantages of overall design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning, transformation and upgrading, and maintenance, and open up the technological innovation channel from key technology research and development to new product development, and then to the promotion and application of achievements. In particular, guided by innovation driven intelligent upgrading, we will promote the deep integration of the new generation of industrial interconnection, big data, virtual reality and other advanced technologies with intelligent manufacturing, strive to build China's first place in the fields of intelligent bulk material terminals, intelligent coke ovens, and intelligent metallurgical crane clusters, and help new and old industries develop to a higher level

adhere to overall coordination and improve value creation ability. Dalian heavy industry should not only focus on solving problems and making up for weaknesses, but also tap development potential, consolidate existing advantages and enhance the momentum for development. Actively do a good job in addition: vigorously cultivate new strategic industries such as marine engineering, circular economy, remanufacture and military industry, and stimulate new economic growth. The indentation residual depth h represents the high and low points of hardness. At the same time, strengthen and expand the scale of general contracting business and post service market, and accelerate the transformation of enterprises to service-oriented manufacturing. Continue to do a good job in subtraction: resolutely remove inefficient production factors, inefficient additional costs, and inefficient production organizations, and tap deep potential to improve quality and efficiency. Take the initiative to multiply: adhere to the equal emphasis on production and operation and capital operation, and actively explore joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, financial operations and other ways to boost the expansion of new industries. Be good at Division: aim to improve the labor productivity and return on capital of enterprises, and improve the profitability while expanding the industrial scale

adhere to green low-carbon and protect green waters and mountains. Unswervingly follow the path of green, low-carbon and circular development. Focus on energy-saving and environmental protection fields such as sewage treatment, solid waste treatment, air treatment and traditional products, strengthen research on cutting-edge technologies, accelerate the development of energy-saving and environmental protection industries, and achieve breakthroughs in original achievements and promote their application

adhere to open cooperation and expand development space. Establish long-term strategic cooperative relationship with overseas customers to realize deep cultivation and development of high-quality market; Integrate domestic and foreign design and consulting resources, quickly improve the general contracting design ability and large-scale project management ability, and promote the transformation of foreign trade to the outside world. Cultivate and introduce professionals who are familiar with the international market, and create an upgraded version of the the Belt and Road mutually beneficial cooperation

with the development of economy

adhere to co construction and sharing, and consolidate the overall situation of harmony and stability. We should fully implement the society, actively support social public welfare undertakings, continue to promote counterpart assistance to Guizhou and other regions, and do targeted poverty alleviation demonstration projects such as rural poverty alleviation, so as to help the country win the battle of targeted poverty eradication. Adhere to the development and rely on the masses of employees, smooth career development channels, and promote the common progress of employees and enterprises. Continue to carry out GSP service projects, so that the achievements of enterprise development can benefit employees more, and constantly improve employees' sense of gain, happiness and security

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