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Saudi Arabia Foundation launched reusable composite concrete formwork

recently, SABIC's business unit, SABIC innovative plastics, announced a new industry breakthrough at booth 2216 of the 2011 Mexican plastic and rubber exhibition, using the company's high-performance LNP verton long glass fiber reinforced composites to produce a new reusable one-piece concrete formwork. This new corrosion-resistant composite formwork is jointly developed by SABIC and meccanode Mexico, a top Mexican construction supplier, to replace the heavy traditional multi piece steel formwork, which can reduce the weight by up to 40%, reduce the production cycle from three hours to a few minutes, and help reduce the overall construction cost, so as to build cheaper houses. This product is another milestone breakthrough of Meccano and SABIC in the construction field, which reflects SABIC's commitment to cooperate with customers in decadent experiments to help such machines operate and achieve business success

"SABIC's material technology, technical expertise and local services have enabled us to successfully develop and mass produce this breakthrough product for our customers," said Salvador Jalife Lozano, chief innovation and development officer of meccanode Mexico, "With lnpverton composite materials, our new concrete formwork can bring many benefits to contractors, including greatly saving time, easier handling, and durability required for reuse. These formwork are expected to change the way concrete plates are formed on the site, help simplify the construction process, and provide a competitive advantage for Meccano and its customers. This cooperation with SABIC enhances our mission of 'creating innovation' 。”

meccano's new formwork is used as the concrete plate for building houses; A typical row house usually needs 500 plates. The template is available in various sizes and configurations: the average height is 1100 mm (3.7 feet), and the width is 200 mm (0.84 feet), 300 mm (1 foot) and 600 mm (2 feet)

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