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Dalian Xinweite packaging and Printing Co., Ltd.

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core tip: Dalian Xinweite packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., since its inception, Dalian Xinweite packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of "investing in human resources and technology to create better printing process and customer service" and all staff

[China Packaging News] since its establishment, Dalian Xinweite packaging and Printing Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of "investing in human resources and technology to create better printing process and customer service" and encouraged all employees. Up to now, with its rich professional knowledge and keen sense of foreseeing market changes, new Victor color has reversed the existing ecology of the traditional printing field. With the integration mode of specialized division of labor, combined with an all-round business team, with advanced network technology and innovative business practices, it has first integrated the response plan of the future digital storage historical data market. With professional and rich printing knowledge and flexible use of scientific and technological products, we will enter the main market and provide a complete set of solutions for the future printing market in the new digital era

the company mainly prints all kinds of packaging boxes, gift boxes, boutique boxes, corrugated boxes, handbags, enterprise product samples, high-end picture books, hardcover books, leaflets, all kinds of cartons, boutique boxes, calendars, hanging test machines. What are the factors affecting the accuracy of calendars, stickers, books and magazines, carbon free copying, advanced notebooks, etc

technological innovation, computer technology, simplified printing process

all self-contained 2. The constant temperature internal cavity computer-controlled direct publishing equipment up to 90 ℃ has high and stable production capacity, up to 64 plates per hour, 1%-100% of the points are accurately presented, and there are no dirty points, which can better ensure the quality of your prints

the fully automatic computer controlled ink color printing machine adopts the advanced CIP4 ink control technology, which accurately converts the image into the calculated printing ink control data by the computer, completely changes the manual ink control to the full computer ink control, and improves the unstable situation of the manual ink control

computerized digital proofing system adopts advanced digital proofing systems such as HQ and GMG. Through the full-automatic printing ink control system, there is no need to manually control the ink, and the color accuracy is up to more than 95%, which can accurately predict the printing results before printing

speed multi-function: replace different fixtures, and provide all-round printing services to meet the speed needs.

set up a complete production line for customized printing goods, receive draft - review draft - make up - plate making - Printing - processing (glazing/origami/pressing/cutting) - delivery, integrated equipment, standardize the printed matter with maximum compatibility, and achieve the speed of receiving draft today and delivering it the next day

the independent version can better meet the speed requirements of real-time processing

quality systematization and digitalization, strict quality control

digital proofing, computer direct publishing, computer controlled ink printing, and guide table inspection of printing results ensure the quality of printing

a group of dozens of experienced senior printing and post-processing technicians, and a professional management team are responsible for the printing of customers

service all-round sincere service, considerate of customer needs

with reasonable price, rapid production, high-quality finished products, freight, express delivery and other logistics transportation, to achieve the purpose of "technology, speed, quality, service"

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