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Daiyanqin of China Mobile Foshan company: take a positive view of customer complaints, and take this to continuously improve service

there will be complaints when doing service. As a member of the upgrading complaint Commissioner, although it takes a lot of brain power and communication ability to solve these complaints, in my opinion, this is not a bad thing, and even an important driving force for me to continuously improve service quality

I have been the upgrading complaint specialist in Foshan Center for 12 years, 20 so that domestic and foreign car companies have spared no effort to develop automotive lightweight technology. In 2002, I entered the company and worked in the front line for 3 years before competing for the position of complaint handling. During this period, he served as the escalation complaint Commissioner to report and successfully intercept more than 100 high-risk complaints. Every year, during 315 and 517, he will actively apply for staying on duty to deal with emergencies, and achieve the goal of zero exposure and zero accountability in sensitive periods. He has won the nomination award of China's best customer service representative (national level) in formula (5), the top six provincial companies in the telecommunications industry competition, and the title of service star

when facing the entanglement of customers, the more you can't be impatient, but think in a positive direction. The complaints I contact every day mainly include fee deduction, dissatisfaction with service rules, service attitude, etc. as users' awareness of safeguarding their own rights and interests becomes stronger, my service requirements become higher and higher. For example, the main feedback of users is the cost. As a complaint specialist, I not only need to solve the cost problem, but also need to make users continue to have confidence in the company and retain them. To complain is to provide better service. This sentence is my motto and also represents the working attitude of the whole escalation complaint team. It is precisely because of my enthusiasm for service that my service data has been excellent: the group's work order processing timeliness rate remains 100% every month; The quality of work order processing ranks first

during my tenure, I actively participated in the talent cultivation plan, and it was also very difficult to learn. I learned to improve my personal business skills and complaint handling ability, focused on analyzing the behavior characteristics of difficult complaint users, created my own highly sensitive customer handling secrets, and provided personalized services according to the complaint behavior characteristics and needs of different users. In addition, I was also the first on-the-job service coach of SOJT in Foshan center. While trying to study ways to shorten the time of complaint handling and screw tightening, I also wrote a complaint handling enhancement manual to pass my rich experience to more colleagues

I enjoy a variety of experiences, because these experiences have trained my complaint service skills. In fact, as long as you are willing to provide good service, your service will not be bad

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