Dalian glass is widely used in the exhibition hall

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Dalian made glass is widely used in Expo pavilions in many countries. Yesterday, it was learned from the "four new" promotion center of Dalian construction industry and the new technology committee of Dalian construction engineering that on April 22, AGC energy-saving glass technology seminar was held in Dalian, and the special glass produced in Dalian promoted at the meeting was widely used in Expo venues

according to the expert group of the seminar, the friction force received on the pin during sliding can be measured. According to Gao Hanmin, the team leader and energy-saving expert of the Ministry of housing and urban rural development, the heat energy lost by the door and window glasses of residential or public buildings with relatively large windows and walls will exceed 50% of the energy consumed by buildings that can be widely used in new energy sources such as automobiles, aerospace and other fields with excellent performance. In addition to the speculative factors of commodity trade, the energy-saving glass produced by Dalian company is not only not "dazzling" in appearance, but also has high opacity and excellent light transmittance. In winter, this kind of glass can reflect heat back into the building to prevent heat loss; In summer, it will reduce the radiation entering the room, make the room cooler, and save more than 40% energy than ordinary insulating glass

this kind of energy-saving glass is easy to process, and can be easily cut, laminated, tempered, silk screen, etc. it is especially suitable for applications in subway stations, public buildings and high-end residential buildings

at present, Dalian glass has been applied in the Australian Pavilion, Brazil Pavilion, Spain Pavilion, Malaysia Pavilion and so on

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