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Saudi Arabia foundation and South Korea SK chemical enter the LDPE, Poe and pops businesses

Saudi Arabia foundation industry company will show new materials and applications in the upcoming October k2016, becoming its new metallocene polyolefin special elastomer and plastic (POE/POP) copolymer; This achievement was jointly completed with SK global chemical of South Korea. This makes Saudi Basic industry enter the business segment focusing on plastic modification and film application. There are only a few participants in this market: Dow Chemical in Michigan, ExxonMobil in Houston and its exact and vidamet resins; Singapore Mitsui elastomer; At the same time, South Korea also introduced LG Chemical, the concept of "sharing economy", and its new Lucene Poe brand

A joint venture of

, ssnc is headquartered in Singapore. Saudi Arabia industry acquired the technology of SK nexlene and produced high-performance ethylene/α- A 507million pound plant with olefin copolymer products annually, and it is planning to expand. The plant aims to produce metallocene based LDPE, Poe and P, but it is understood that o6 Adopt advanced control technology p to meet the official offline packaging of the first batch of copper alloy functional new material samples produced by Guoliang copper in June this year, and the increased demand for industrial and agricultural films, automobiles, consumer products, medical equipment and buildings

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