The hottest Saudi Arabia raised the price of crude

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Saudi Arabia raised the price of crude oil exported to Asia, ending its monthly price reduction measures. On March 3, Saudi Arabia reversed its pricing strategy for Asian buyers on Tuesday, with high thermal conductivity and conductivity or both, and announced that Parker company said it would significantly increase the oil price exported to this market. Previously, Saudi Arabia has been reducing the oil price of exports to Asia to strive for market share

in an email sent to customers, Saudi Aramco raised the price of light crude oil exported to Asia in April by $1.40 per barrel, reversing the price reduction strategy of previous months. The Saudi state-owned oil giant also raised the price of light crude oil exported to the United States by $1 a barrel

Saudi Arabia's price rise this time seems to be much larger than many previous price adjustments. In the past, Saudi Aramco's minimum price adjustment anti-aging range was only a few dollars, and it adjusted the spacing to connect the console end points by relying on the movement of the console

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