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Iron in the national "one belt and one road" strategy, the operation of ore, pig iron and building materials

the price of refined iron powder in Tangshan this week is 689 yuan/ton, which is the same as that in the same period last week. The price of Pb powder in Tangshan Jingtang Port is 480 yuan/ton, which is 10 yuan/ton higher than that in the same period last week. The price of secondary metallurgical coke in Tangshan is 2050 yuan/ton, which is 150 yuan/ton lower than that in the same period last week. According to the cost model monitoring, the weekly average tax inclusive cost of theoretical billet in Tangshan this week is 3000 yuan/ton, The billet profit level is about 731 yuan/ton, an increase of 77 yuan/ton over the same period last week

pig iron

the cost of domestic pig iron fell steadily this week, with a range of yuan/ton, in line with last week's expectations. Iron making costs in Hebei and Shanxi fell slightly this week, mainly driven by raw material prices. This week, the coke market trend is weak and the transaction is general. The average weekly price in East China is 1975 yuan/ton, unchanged from last week. The fourth round of lifting and lowering has basically landed at present, with a cumulative decrease of 350 yuan/ton; Some steel mills in Wu'an, Hebei Province today again called for a reduction of 100 yuan/ton, but no coke enterprises have accepted it for the time being, and the cost support is still weak. It is expected that the pig iron cost in some markets will decrease slightly next week. From the perspective of the raw material market, the "blue sky defense war" in August is about to begin, the environmental protection situation of coke enterprises is becoming more and more serious, and the supply is expected to decline; On the other hand, the steel mills kept the quantity of goods delivered under control, mainly on the sidelines for the time being. Recently, influenced by the strong trend of the futures market, traders' enthusiasm for finding goods has increased, which requires repeated stress. As of the close of trading on Thursday afternoon, the prices of secondary coke in various places were: RMB yuan/ton from Shandong, about 1850 yuan/ton from Shanxi, 2000 yuan/ton from Tangshan and 1910 yuan/ton from Handan. Although the cost decreased slightly, due to the low inventory of iron plants in production, the static tightening experiment of merchants' price support has a high willingness to provide reference for material performance research and packaging buffer design, and the market stalemate may continue. It is expected that the cost of pig iron will decline slightly next week, with an expected range of yuan/ton

construction steel

the gross profit per ton of construction steel increased this week. The fundamental reason is still that the price of raw materials continues to fall and the construction steel market continues to rise. Monitoring: at present, the gross profit of rebar is 822 yuan/ton, an increase of 74 yuan/ton over the same period last week and a decrease of 58 yuan/ton over the same period last month; The gross profit of wire rod was 902 yuan/ton, an increase of 94 yuan/ton over the same period last week and 102 yuan/ton over the same period last month

in terms of cost: according to the calculation of the system material purchase that was originally to control the operation of the experimental machine by the steel plant 7 days in advance, the raw material price is still mixed, but the overall decline pattern is maintained due to the drag of coke price. Specifically, during the procurement cycle, the coke market fell continuously and the transaction was flat. The weekly average price in East China was 1975 yuan/ton, down 200 yuan/ton. As the current market mentality is bearish, the enthusiasm of steel mills for procurement deviates. Iron ore rose slightly by 10 yuan/ton. The frequent production restriction policy makes steel mills more cautious in purchasing raw materials, resulting in the lukewarm transaction in the imported ore market. Tangshan billet price changes little, and there is no significant reduction in market shipments. The speculative demand in the market is large, while the terminal demand is weak, and the overall support for the price is limited. As of today, the production cost of rebar is 3228 yuan/ton, and the production cost of wire rod is 3218 yuan/ton, both of which are 54 yuan/ton lower than the same period last week

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