Operation method of the hottest drop instrument

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Operation method of drop instrument

1. Wiring: connect the attached power line to the three-phase power supply and ground it, connect the control box and the testing machine with the attached connecting line according to the plug adaptation, and try to run the rising/falling command. (if you press the up key but run down, or press the graphene powder high-efficiency dispersion, composite and utilization technology down key but run up during the test run, you only need to change the number of phases at the power supply.

2. Drop height adjustment: turn on the power supply of the host, set the height required for the test (method: the market landscape of different composite materials is not 1 as follows), press the up key to make it reach the set height; If it stops halfway, the reverse operation command can be executed only after it reaches the set height

3. Place the measured object on the workbench and fix it with a fixing rod

4. Press the up key to lift the measured object to the set height

5. Press the drop key to make the worktable instantly separate from the measured object, and the measured object makes a free fall movement

6. Press the reset key to restore the working state of the workbench

7. If the test is repeated, repeat the above steps

8. After the test: press the lower key to make the workbench operate to the lowest position and turn off the power key

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