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Operation of Nikon microscope components (1)

the eyepiece barrel is an integral part of Nikon microscope according to its annex "catalogue of key products in the development plan of new material industry" and the optical path selection optical path 1n, 5N, 10N, 20n, 40n, 60N, 110g (6), 113g (6) selector rods can be used to switch the proportion between the binocular part and the vertical barrel. When installing Nikon microscope camera equipment or TV camera on the vertical barrel of the three eye barrel, you must first install the adapter (microscope camera vertical barrel adapter or direct C interface adapter, both sold separately). Please insert the adapter into the vertical lens barrel, and then use the hexagonal screwdriver to fix it with the brake screw

users can adjust the angle of the double eyepiece part according to the actual needs when using the three eyepiece tube. The binocular part and the vertical part of the Nikon microscope eyepiece tube are aligned before shipment, so they usually do not need to be adjusted when used. However, the CCD center of some cameras is not aligned with the interface. For this kind of camera, you can center the vertical part by adjusting the two centering screws on the back of the vertical barrel. Adjusting the pupil distance can better adjust the clarity of human eye observation. 7. Adjust the pupil distance before adjusting the pupil distance of the lengthened 3-valve wedge clamp, so that the field of view of both eyes is in the same position on the specimen. This operation will make it easier to observe with both eyes through binoculars. The scale of the double eyepiece is convenient for recording the pupil distance for next use. Please combine the two fields of view into one

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