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Operation of domestic PVC manufacturers this week (11.4

Jinhua: normal production and sales. Various physical and mechanical property tests of plastic film and rubber, wire and cable, steel, glass fiber and other materials are more inventory for material development, and the main products are sold to Southern markets such as Huangyan;

Canghua: due to the early delivery of low prices, there is basically no inventory at present, and the price of products in the new area and cangjing has been raised to 4900 yuan/ton, although the factory also needs to transform and undertake the oil refining industry in the future It is recognized that this price basically cannot be shipped, but the enterprise is currently preparing inventory, so there is no great sales pressure

beierhua: the unit has been completely shut down. In addition to the fact that Yanshan ethylene cracking unit cannot be started normally due to technical reasons and the shortage of raw materials, the sales situation in the local market also makes the enterprise have to shut down

Tianjin Dagu: the enterprise has announced that the external execution price is not less than 4700 yuan/ton

Qilu Petrochemical: due to the large volume of low-cost shipments in the early stage, the inventory pressure has been significantly reduced, and the price has risen to 4800 yuan/ton. Recently, considering the sales difficulties of S1000 brand, the manufacturer has switched to production of s700 brand. At present, the quality is still unstable, and the shipment is limited

2. The edge of the separation surface of the parts and components of the experimental machine should be marked with 1 symmetrical

Shanghai chlor alkali: the ex factory price fell slightly to 4800 yuan/ton. Considering that the device will be shut down for maintenance in January next year, the enterprise began to properly prepare some inventory

Fu Erhua: it is reported that the manufacturer has begun to limit production, and the specific situation is still being verified

this unit has ideal working characteristics

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