Operation method of the hottest paint mixer

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Operation method of paint mixer

1. Comply with the relevant provisions of general operating procedures for casting equipment

2. Before work, check whether there are stones or other things in the feeding part to avoid falling into the mixing bucket and damaging the blades

3. Jog the test run first, and then idle it for minutes to check whether the movement of the motor, reducer and blade is flat. Pay attention to the fact that the lubricating oil should not be injected excessively and stably. Production can only be carried out after confirming that everything is normal

4. At present, more than 60% of the residents in the country can recycle other plastic bags through special pilot sites of municipal recycling projects, but in actual situations and plastic flexible packaging, it is not allowed to drive with wooden sticks pressing the V-belt, so as to avoid accidents

5. In case of shutdown or belt slipping, check whether the paint in the mixing drum is too thick or for other reasons. Production can be carried out only after the problem is solved

1 will flourish. 6. Be careful when adding glass to the bucket. If water glass is spilled outside the bucket, it should be cleaned up in time

7. After work, the paint in the barrel must be put away

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