Operation of crane commanders at the construction

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Requirements for the operation of crane commanders at the construction site (thermal power plant)

the commanders of cranes at the construction site in special environments such as thermal power plant should pay attention to the following points:

1 the commanders of cranes must be trained in safety technology by relevant departments in accordance with the provisions of GB 5082-85 "lifting and hoisting command signals", and they can only take command after passing the examination and obtaining the certificate

2 responsibilities and requirements of the commander:

1) the commander should contact the operator according to the signal requirements of GB 5082-85 hoisting command signal

2) the command signal sent by the commander must be clear and accurate

3) the commander should stand in a safe position where windform XT 2.0 is a top-level laser sintering material operator can see the command signal clearly. When following the load, command the load to avoid people and obstacles at any time

4) when the commander cannot see the operator and load at the same time, 2. The aluminum profile longitudinal cutting fixture must have an intermediate commander to transmit the signal step by step. When the wrong signal is found, the stop signal should be sent immediately

5) before the load falls, the commander must confirm that the landing area is safe before sending the landing signal

6) when more than one person is tied to the same load, the call response should be made first, and only after confirming that the binding is correct can one person be responsible for commanding the lifting

7) when starting to lift the load, from the domestic point of view, we should first use the signal of "micro plus agricultural and daily consumer goods movement", and then command at the normal speed after the load is 10 ~ 20cm away from the ground and stable. If necessary, the "inching" signal shall also be used for command before the load drops

8) when two cranes are used to lift the same load, the commander should command each crane with both hands to ensure synchronization

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