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Cleaning operation method and precautions of plate washing solution

the coating roller used for dry cladding is usually cleaned together with the glue tank and circulating pump after the end of each day's work (except for 24-hour operation). It is difficult to completely remove the glue with ethyl acetate. A small amount of glue remains on the coating roller, and the plate will be blocked over time. Once the glue hardens, it cannot be dissolved by ethyl acetate. When the operation is carried out under the condition of plate plugging, due to the reduction of glue coating, quality problems such as poor appearance (blistering) and low removal temperature will be caused

in order to prevent such quality complaints, we should regularly use stripper (plate washing solution) to clean the coating roller to obtain a stable coating amount. The following records the operation methods and precautions of cleaning with plate washing solution

operation steps:

1 Clean the glue tank and coating roll with ethyl acetate

2. 34 films (OPP, pet, CPP, LLDPE, etc.) are placed in the glue tank

3. While rotating the coating roller slowly, apply the plate washing solution to its surface with a paint brush, and then let it stand for minutes (the hardened glue will be quickly adsorbed to the surface of the roller)

4. Use a metal brush to brush the surface of the roll for times

5. Clean the unwashed part with a brush again

6. Use L ethyl acetate with fine copper wire brush to remove the plate washing solution. 7. Remove one film of ethyl acetate from the tank containing the plate washing solution

8. Add about 10L ethyl acetate into the tank to contact the coating roller, slowly rotate the coating roller, and wash it with a metal brush and a silk return cloth until it is clean

9. Repeat the operation of 7 again

10. Repeat the operations of 8 and 9 again. Ganfeng lithium issued a progress announcement on the commissioning of its joint-stock subsidiary, Australian rim (in order to completely remove the foreign matter)

11. The production threshold of preparation L is very low. Pour ethyl acetate over the coating roll and wipe it with a silk return hammer

12. Clean the coating roller with clean dry silk

Rotate the buffer to the proper position to

13 Take out the ethyl acetate and pad the film in the tank. About 30 minutes, the operation is over

the above cleaning operations are expected to be carried out once a week or twice a week (whether it is better to clean once a week or twice a week should be carried out according to the appearance of the product)

note also:

1 The plate washing solution sp-752 is a strong acid solution. You must wear rubber gloves, protective glasses, masks and other protective articles during operation

2. The ethyl acetate used in the operation steps can still be used in the steps if it returns to the state without foreign matters

3. Plate washing solution has corrosive effect on metal. If the coating roller coated with plate washing solution is placed for more than 1 hour, the chrome coating roller may peel off, and the cleaning must be completed in 1 hour

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