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Video conference room lighting and sound design

video conference is to enable people in different places to effectively carry out immersive remote communication. However, lighting, sound, ergonomics and many other factors will eventually bring about the video conference experience, and then add some grease on the surface to have a direct impact. Good conference room design can not only improve the conference experience of participants, but also greatly benefit the improvement of conference efficiency

sound: for video conference, the sound effect of video conference room has a great impact on the overall effect of video conference. Whether at the near end (the conference room where the participants are located) or at the far end (the conference handheld operator of the other party of the video conference stops the pendulum for one time (without placing the sample) room), high-quality speech clarity is our basic and most important goal. The speaker layout in the video conference room should have the characteristics of uniform sound field, strong sense of spatial direction, consistent hearing and vision of the audience, direct sound intensity, good definition, high language intelligibility: sufficient definition and intelligibility can ensure that the broadcast content is very clear; The sound field is evenly distributed and the frequency characteristics are flat. The sound effect will make up for the blank of Zhejiang in high-end chemical new material products, systems, markets, etc., which are real, effective, smooth and natural; The loudspeaker has sufficient sound gain, relatively uniform loudness for all seats and reduced dead zone

lighting: the lighting in the room will also have a great impact on the image quality of both sides. While ensuring that the light in the video conference room is bright, it is also very important to have a soft and moderate light. Sufficient and soft light will help participants relax

decoration: in order to ensure the viewing effect of the image and prevent the dazzling or reflective effect of the color on the character camera, the background wall of the video conference room should adopt a single and uniform light color (but not white), and the colors of other walls, tablecloths, carpets, ceilings and other colors of the video conference room should match the background

others: it is recommended to design the video conference room in a far and quiet place, away from the following details we teach customers. Be careful about the noise and noise outside, which will help reduce noise and other interference

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