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Increase lighting and monitoring construction before the national day, Qinglong lake can't run the whole circle for the time being

the construction of the upgrading project along the east wind channel of Qinglong lake began

on the 21st, Mr. Wu, a citizen, sent a message in his circle of friends: Qinglong lake is half closed for construction, and running is boring. At the same time, in the dialogue below the circle of friends, Mr. Wu replied yes to the question that half of the message was closed

is Qinglong Lake really half closed? If it is true, what is the reason, and how long will the sample be placed and opened to the public again


the side near the Dongfeng canal has been surrounded, and a soil ditch about one meter deep has been excavated.

at about 2 p.m. on the 21st, it enters Qinglong lake from the entrance of the dragon dance and flower room (North gate) next to chengluo Avenue. Stepping up, the vast water surface of Qinglong Lake immediately came into view. Facing the lake, there are two branches from left to right. Pedestrians on the left fork road can still pass normally

the branch road to the right, that is, the intersection of Dongfeng Road down the Dongfeng canal, has placed signs for construction ahead to bypass. It can be seen from the construction announcement nearby that the management department of Qinglong Lake phase II project of Sinohydro bureau 5 should upgrade the timing of the tensile test by moving the 10 prefix down along the east wind channel in the park and adding lighting and monitoring facilities in response to the safety hazards reflected by the general public in the mayor

at the same time, the planned completion time is before the national day. At present, the road behind the bulletin board has been encircled. Walking for about seven or eight minutes from the siege, you can see that beside the road on the side of the lake, an excavator is digging a soil ditch along the road. The earth ditch nearly one meter deep and half meter wide that has been excavated here is about more than one kilometer

standing on the top floor of a 30 story apartment next to Qinglong lake, some lakes appear dark green because the clouds above block the sun, while the surrounding lakes are cyan. The whole Qinglong lake and large green areas continue to spread outward, as if connected with the Longquan mountains in the distance

citizens say that there are fewer street lights on one side of the Dongfeng canal

I believe more people will join the night running team

residents who live near Qinglong lake and the popularity of cruise ships and ferries is also increasing can go for a walk and run by the lake after dinner; On weekends, Qinglong lake is one of the popular destinations for many citizens. Not only can you see the endless lake at a glance, but when the weather is good, you can also overlook the Longquan mountains in the distance from Qinglong lake and embrace the scenery of the lake and mountains

it can be seen from the plan diagram at the entrance of Qinglong Lake Dragon Dance and flower room (North Gate), on the side of Qinglong lake close to the city, starting from chengluo Avenue, the length of the Dongfeng canal flowing along the edge of Qinglong lake is almost half of the circumference of Qinglong lake. At present, the siege construction is under way, and the impassable Dongfeng Road is the only channel on the side of Qinglong Lake by the Dongfeng canal

runners who want to run the whole lap in Qinglong Lake need to wait for a while. In addition to Mr. Wu, Mr. Guo, who just went to Qinglong lake for a walk last weekend evening, recalled that Dongfeng Road was not completely closed at that time. Some sections were closed in half, and the other half could still be used

the more you run inside along the Dongfeng canal, the less street lights seem to be for many years. Mr. Guo said that all runners who came to Qinglong lake to run knew that they could only complete a lap after running nearly 8 kilometers. The difficulty of this challenge now seems to be due to the interruption of the siege construction of Dongfeng Road for a period of time

Mr. Gu, who lives in the community opposite Qinglong lake, also felt the same about the lack of street lights mentioned by Mr. Guo. Mr. Gu believes that although this period of time, runners who used to run the whole lap may not feel satisfied. But he believes that with the addition of lighting and monitoring facilities, more people will join the night running team. At the same time, the performance of relatively professional runners may also be improved

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