Life cycle modeling of the hottest injection mold

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Injection mold life cycle modeling

the estimation of the production cost of plastic parts plays an important role in the quotation, and the estimation of the product cost in the whole life brush period of plastic parts production is more accurate, so the plastic parts life cycle cost model is established first. In the process of plastic part cost estimation, calculate the plastic parts of the case similar to the new plastic parts through the plastic part feature information base, and determine the characteristics with the largest cost margin through the maximum feature distance with the similar parts, so as to find out the important cost elements in the same life model, and then determine the approximate range of its cost. p>

in today's increasingly fierce market competition, only plastic bottle manufacturers who have been engaged in relevant production for a long time can better understand the effective use of production resources and obtain the maximum economic, social and ecological benefits, which has become the focus of many enterprises. In the 1980s, the United States first proposed the life cycle design concept of the horizontal tensile testing machine produced by our company in the development of weapon systems. Now this technology has been widely used in the United States, such as the experimental research and development of weapon systems. At the same time, many tools and software supporting this design are also under development. In China, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other institutions have carried out relevant research work, and have made some progress. Life cycle design has changed the enterprise structure and working mode of manufacturing industry. It can not only effectively control the production cycle, quality and cost of enterprises, but also form a one-stop process of production, supply and marketing and user service, so as to increase the competitiveness of enterprises under the market mechanism

due to the light weight and high strength of plastic products, many products use plastic parts instead of metal parts. In the current competitive society, many small and medium-sized enterprises have to work hard for each order. Without a cost calculation system, the calculation error will be about 30%. The cost estimation of products plays a decisive role in the quotation. The cost of plastic parts is scattered in the links of design, production, management, sales and so on. Cost analysis requires the integration and cooperation between all links. At the same time, the changes of production cycle and market conditions will also lead to the complexity of cost estimation. At present, there are some problems in the cost calculation method, such as lack of effective management of information, complex quotation process, unscientific algorithm and so on. Therefore, considering the cost estimation in the process of product life is of great practical significance to achieve accurate quotation

the life cycle of plastic parts production can be divided into several major stages: order receiving, design, mold manufacturing, maintenance, and call in processing. Enterprises first receive orders to understand the characteristics and requirements of their products. If such practices can not help but reflect a mind to serve the global industry, and the production capacity meets its requirements, subsequent design, processing and other links can be carried out. In the life cycle of the mold, the cost mainly includes: design cost, manufacturing cost, maintenance cost, and collection and processing cost. In order to estimate accurately, each stage is subdivided, as shown in Figure 1. In the cost estimation, we can find out similar design cases according to the successful mold development cases, and estimate the mold cost to be developed according to the existing cost data, so as to provide a basis for quotation. This can avoid high or low price quotation, which will affect the profits of the enterprise

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