Liebherr delivered the 10th to the Belgian crane c

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Liebherr delivered the 100th LTM to the Belgian crane contractor 1750

Liebherr delivered the 100th LTM to the Belgian crane contractor 1

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Liebherr has delivered 100 LTM 1750 to customers around the world since June 2012. The reliability of Liebherr cranes has brought rich returns to customers

Liebherr first launched 750 tons of LTM on its factory customer day in June 2012 1 mobile crane. The 100th crane of this model left the ehingen factory in July 2016, and the new crane was delivered by the Belgian dealer van der spek to the crane contractor Dufour transports et MANUTENTION SA in marquain, Belgium

ltm 1750- domestic engineering material suppliers are relatively guaranteed in terms of cost and delivery time. 9.1 will become the largest mobile crane in the company's fleet. The main feature of Liebherr 9-axis equipment is that the entire telescopic boom can be transported on public roads

Liebherr delivered the 100th LTM to the Belgian crane contractor 1

Dufour began business in the early 20th century and has developed into a global group. In addition to renting crawler cranes and mobile cranes, Dufour also mentioned that with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, it is gradually emerging to provide logistics, heavy transportation and construction engineering services. Orders in the wind power industry have increased significantly in the past few years. This led to its decision to invest in another large mobile crane. The company decided to purchase Liebherr LTM Because of its excellent high-temperature mechanical stability, excellent chemical resistance and good compatibility with high-precision 3D printing system, it has proved many successful wind power projects

when signing the contract, Dufour said, "the main reason for deciding to buy Liebherr cranes is the reliability. In addition, we have maintained a good business relationship with Liebherr partner van der spek for many years, which is another reason for choosing Liebherr cranes."

this LTM The first project of 1 is to go to Aisne in France to help build a 2.75mw wind turbine. Its compact size and huge hoisting capacity are its greatest contribution to this project

100 LTMS Crane has achieved success on five continents. There are 59 in Europe, 22 in the United States, 16 in Asia, 2 in Africa and 1 in Australia

9-axis equipment has the latest mobile crane technology, including Liebherr innovative technology, such as variobase? And ecomode. With its Y-shaped telescopic boom and a variety of truss jibs at the meeting, LTM 1. It has a large number of boom systems. This enables it to achieve a lifting height of 154 meters and a radius of 112 meters. The luffing truss arm can be assembled from 3.5 meters to a total length of 91 meters

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