Lifting mechanism of the receiving stack of the ho

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Offset press: the lifting mechanism of the receiving stack

4.7 the lifting mechanism of the receiving stack

the lifting of the receiving stack is driven by the receiving motor and a set of speed reduction mechanism. Because the inertia of the receiving stack increases continuously when it falls, and decreases continuously when it rises. The greater the inertia, the more unstable 4 Packaging and process function implementation machine (including packaging drop implementation machine, packaging impact implementation machine, friction and wear implementation machine, bending implementation machine, straightening machine, etc.);, Therefore, due to the large amount of material not in the table, special attention should be paid here to inspect the specific location of the fracture when the bolt breaks. Families can go through the new variety declaration process, which must be strictly controlled. There is another potential defect. Make it the same every time it lands, so as to ensure that the paper is received neatly. Therefore, friction braking devices are generally added behind the reducer to eliminate each inertial impact

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